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Is it spark plug wires/plug that needs replacing? Camshaft sensor code also came up (P0304) and losing coolant(does it cause more oil to burn)

I have a dodge caravan 2006. It will physically shift into park or neutral, but it wont light up the indicator lights on gear indicator for P or N (OK for R, D, 3, 2, 1).It won't start...

Check engine (MIL) lamp solid while trying to engage starter. Then it begins to flash then stps and goes out. Turning the ignition on off several times makes the trip odomoter read "done"

the water pupmp went out yesterday pouring out cool when I got home. Today when I took the rad. cap off it again poured out.

Yesterday the water pump went out, coolent was pouring out of the water pump when I got home how ever it must have just happen as the engine was no over heated. When I took the rad. cap off today water again came out of the pump.

I need a blower motor resistor wiring pigtail.. can't find one ANYWHERE.. tried all the parts houses and the dealer.. anybody know of a pigtail for something else that might fit??

i have a 1996 ram with 140.000 miles and when i put the truck in drive only drive there is a clicking noise sound like its coming from the bellhousing.The clicking noise speeds up as i accelerate.

just had the water pump and belt replaced in my 2007 grand caravan and now there is a squeel coming from the engine any ideas what it may be?

After pulling a 35 ft fifth wheel about an hour I downshift from 6 to 5 on an uphill pull, the clutch is stiff and the truck will be stuck in gear until it cools, usually about an hour. I took it in and a bad slave cylinder was diagnosed. had it replaced but the same thing happens? Do you have a suggestion, truck has 70K

I am looking to purchase a 2006 Winnebago View which is on a Dodge Sprinter with a Mercedes Benz engine. Needing a mechanic to look it over. Any idea of a mechanic in Fairfield, Iowa and approximately the cost.

I went to have my a/c system recharged because the last mechanics discharged the system when they did head gasket work on the car. But when I took the car into another shop, they did an inspection and told me that the a/c control head was broken and needed replacement. But, if the head unit is just the controls for the a/c they were working fine when I got back into the car, but of course, not blowing cold air because they didn't recharge the system. How can I tell if the head control unit is really damaged and needing repairs?

What type of coolant do I use in my 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 pick up?

Dont know what happend but my 5speed manual shifter just wont shift. It feels loose as if its no longer connected to anything..

multiple cylinder misfire , truck has no power until it warms up,runs bad, bad gas mileage,only has 16000 miles what is the problem ?

I'm hearing a vibational sound when I take my foot off of the accelerator, while slowing down. If I start braking, the noise disappears, & no noise during acceleration, only occurs during de-acceleration. (Recently had CA. smog check, passed, but started immediately afterwards. Coincidence?) The sound is similar to the sound you would hear while de-accerating with snowtires on in the summer, only it's getting louder and with a stronger vibation each time I drive it. (It's only been a few days.) Help, PLEASE!!! THANKS!

I have put in a new light switch in my dash panel.I have put in a new brake pedal switch.All fuses are good.Head lights work,tail lights work,but brake lights don't come on when I use my brake pedal.

speedodometer stop working emission light stays air bag stays on also just starter doing it after i jumped someone off

Throttle light comes out while running and looses power

Clicking sound near the battery and maybe in the black box beside the battery

every time i put my foot on the gas it stalls

Hi im trying to find a location of camshaft sensor

my truck started missing while driving and the truck started shaking. After checking I pulled the oil fill cap and have a rocker arm that has come off. Will I be ok with pulling valve cover and putting it back on if it looks ok or should I pull the head and have head redone . I am limited on funds , and just bought the truck 3 weeks ago.
thanks jim evatt

car shuts down on the road

Is there any hope? I have put on new shocks, ball joints, steering gear, rear wheel spacers, numerous lineups and it is still hard to manage--down right dangerous at times. Is tjis solveable or am I just screwed?

I have a 1998 Dodge Avenger ES. I changed the water pump and tried to crank it before realizing I forgot to align timing marks. I have aligned marks on camshafts, but crankshaft will not turn to align timing mark. What in the hell is wrong?

number 1 and 4 cyl. not firing new coil

i replaced the ecu on my 2006 dodge ram 3500 diesel it will now start but runs rough and is really down on power

I have done some research on this particular transmission and have learned that many people have had spent a lot of money on repairs when it wasn't the transmission it self.... I only have 2 codes showing up in my computer 12 and 21 one is the O2 sensor and the other says that the battery has come undone in the last 5 sec .... can either of these cause it to go into LHM and if so I correct these problems will the computer register it automatically or do I need to have them wiped off of the code list

I need to know how to replace rear window in new regulator panel guide

how hard is to replace sway bar links on a 2001 dodge caravan

The noise happens every time I turn the wheel it's really loud when I park either forward or reverse.