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I was advised the steering shaft is cracked. Trying to figure our if this part can be replaced independently or if the entire rak and pinion must be replaced?
It doesn't seem to me that these items are fused the same or connected in anyway. Fuses appear to be Ok, what else should I be looking for?
it shuttered going up hill, slowed down for a traffic light, went to give it gas and it had a couple jerky moments. long story short, it went into "limp mode" forums are saying trans pump, or "TC" coded from AutoZone: P1004, P0137, P0732 x2, and P0733 x2. added 1 quart of trans fluid before lookin at forums. Now kinda whisin I didn't. It didn't help the whine. still there.... Please help. what is it, is it under a recall? how much? is it a DIY??
my battery light is on my van and soon as I Drive away for about a few miles my window I put down it won't come on down up and my radio completely shuts off my other lights come on my car rpm go up and it's hard to even accelerate I don't know if its the alternator or some other issue
About 50 percent of the time when I go to a gas station and put the pump into the gas tank, not only will it unlock the automatic pumping mechanism but when you try to use the pump manually it will turn off a hundred times. Every few seconds it refuses gas and acts like it is full when I still have gallons to go. Even if I reposition the hand pump every possible way, it still acts like it is full every two seconds. I risk overflow every time.
just driving it today and the malfunction indicator light cam on
the malfunction indicator light is on and wont go off what could I do to get it off. on borad diagnostis
the car just died driving to work it was low on oil but after it died i added oil and changed the coil, plugs, wires crank shaft sensor and the car cranks theres just no spark also checked fuses all good what do i do next or is the car just beyond repair?
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