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Why would my 2004 Anniversary edition Caravan suddenly start on its own while parked without using a remote starter

from 1 year ago my cluster illumination start getting low and low and lowwwww ? looks at anytime going off. I need repair

i have been trying to figure out what is causing this misfire code. less than year ago i did plugs, wires, rotor, cap. three months ago i had a misfire cylinder 6 code and it was a bad fuel injector, so that was the first thing i changed on cylinder 4 but the code came back, the wires to the fuel injectors are fine. i did a compression test and all cylinders are around 120+psi. fuel pressure is 50psi. i also recently replaced the intake manifold gasket. i also replaced the cam and crank sensors the p1319 code went away and now i have misfire on all cylinders p0300


the problem is hard to crank

The Light just flashes sometimes but very annoying

What would the cost estimate be for install new clutch

there was a slight knocking noise afther it got low on oil the noise came from the top end any help would be nice....this motor dose not have push rods it a dohc

the differential is goin out how much will it cost too be fix

the gas needle wont move

AT what mileage should the timing belt or chain be replaced on a 2006 3.8 V6 Dodge Grand Caravan.

The passenger airbag, abs, and brake lights came on in the dash, all at once and together.

Abs and brake lights on I have changed speedo sensor still on. But when the tempature is warm above 70 outside the lights does not come on.

I changed the upper radiator hose w/ a Gates Racing hose and now want to change the lower one as well. Do I just need to drain from the draincock or disconnect the hose? Will I have to worry about air getting in or just refill w/ coolant and water? Some tips please...Andy

Just need a good mechanic for tune-ups, etc.

how many gallons of fluid should it take to refill my cooling system after i replaced the water pump

Developed leak from transmission, not sure where the fill plug is nor have I found the leak yet, fluid indicator coming on dash (looks like a square little house with four lines running vertical inside the box), not sure what the indicator means either, theartoftrees@hotmailcom

I have a 1996 Indy Ram pace truck that sits most of the time (I use a battery switch as the truck has a minor battery drain due to what I believe is a short in the radio). Lately, when I start the motor, I have to keep pressure on the gas to keep it running. When I try to put it in Drive or Reverse, the engine dies...and it does so without a sputter or knock...just simply goes quiet. If I want to move the truck in the driveway, in order to keep the engine from stalling I need to keep pressue on the gas pedal, and my other foot on the brake. Unfortunately I do not have a code reader, perhaps I should purchase one and try that, but does anyone have any ideas on what's happening? Regards, Joe

my check engine lite came on beacouse i hade exhaust gasket leak replaced the gaskets and erased the code and now this one came up p0601 i have no idea were could i find it or what can i do to fix it PLEASE I NEED SOME POINTERS?

i have a '96 dodge Stratus SE 2.0L with a manual transmission. my car wont start. When I compress my clutch pedal, and turn my key to the start position it will click at my PDC, but wont send juice to anything. i have checked everything on my charging system and have replaced my alternator, starter, and have a brand new battery. my relays and fuses are all good. my multi-meter is telling me that i have a complete charging circuit. it happened suddenly one day when i driving after i turned on my heat on high, my motor bogged down, and it just stalled out. when i ran my cars engine code test i got 12,17,26,24,33, and 42.

my mechanic said that before he replaces the radiator, becasue of a coolaint leak, i should try to use sealant first and see if that works. anyone know how to apply the sealant to the radiator?

1997 dodge Grand Caravan wont go into gear. Will changing transmission fluid and filter fix this problem? If so how do I do it?

cannot get spark or fuelpump to engage changed ecu still nothing what can it be?

I'm a 67 year old woman so speak very plain!

The front right park lights come on when I hit the brakes and the right signals front and back come on with the left. When I turn on all the lights everything is ok, could this be cause by the trailer plug being corroded???

My 2001 w/318 started bucking and dying on way home.
Would start back up but had to feather throttle and
baby it to get back home 10 miles. Tried to start next
day, would crank normally but not start. Tried ether -
no start. Suspected ignition problem. Put OBC2 tester on
it and got one code. P0138 O2 sensor B1-S2 "Shorted
To Voltage." Replaced O2 Sensor, still no start. Put OBC2
tester back on - NO problem codes but did have 4 "Pending"
codes flashing; C - Catalyst Monitor, EV- EVAP System Monitor,
O-Oxygen Sensor Monitor and OH-Oxygen Sensor Heater
Does anyone have a clue as to where to check next?
Will any of the "Pending Codes" prevent it from starting?
Mike T

i have a bent valve and motor is missing. how much should this cost?

this happens regardless of whether I'm pulling my 14000 pound 5th wheel or not (we are retired and do the RV thing 24-7). NOTE: as long as I drive 'normally' the clutch NEVER slips - I have to make it 'slip' by as mentioned above - by tromping on the gas.

The clutch engages at about 1/3 of the way off the floor. I have 140K on the truck (bought it used at 103K) I love the clutch it now has in it - although I don't know what kind it is and am assuming it's the stock clutch.

I've been told the clutch is going out and I've been told it's ok. Which is it?

Is it spark plug wires/plug that needs replacing? Camshaft sensor code also came up (P0304) and losing coolant(does it cause more oil to burn)

I have a dodge caravan 2006. It will physically shift into park or neutral, but it wont light up the indicator lights on gear indicator for P or N (OK for R, D, 3, 2, 1).It won't start...

Check engine (MIL) lamp solid while trying to engage starter. Then it begins to flash then stps and goes out. Turning the ignition on off several times makes the trip odomoter read "done"