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I just purchased this car a week ago and whenever I'm stuck in traffic the engine idle drops to zero. That is the RPM gauge drops to zero and the whole car slightly rocks a bit as if there was a spark plug misfire. Is this normal ? No engine light to indicate any problems. Also where is the battery located? It's not under the hood.

Relay switch for trany fan was replaced and she now will not start have checked all fuses replaced filler neck and took care of evap leaks can not for the life of me find a gas line diagram on my specific vehical its a 3.3 l v6 front wheel drive no lead fuel

The auto parts. Store run a diagnostic test and it was the voltage regulator and I needed a new alternate. Does this make sense to you?

Runs fine thru 1st, 2nd & third gear but that's as far as it goes. Running highway speeds is really hard on gas, not to mention the extra wear on the engine

Replaced front wheel hub/ bearings along with new rotors, calipers/ brake pads. After multiple bleeding attempts I still have NO brakes, (have never encountered a problem like this before). There's no drips, leaks or puddles and the reservoir is full. could it be the MC or Brake Booster? which is easier and cheaper to fix?

Yes I have a 99 Dodge pickup 4x4 that I just found out has what is called sensors on the transmission I thought the transmission was out where exactly are these sensors located on the transmission at the truck will move but takes a large RPMs to do so will not move until RPMs are at least 1600 RPMs or more then moves really really slow

just got car and bad engine had broken rod, put in all new parts now not getting fire

Recently, it has been taking about 8-10 seconds of cranking to start when engine is at outside air temp (approx 70 deg. F) ; also having repeated 15-20 seconds of cranking when engine temp is fully warm (approx 180 deg. F); no check engine lites or codes; have replaced fuel filter and low pressure fuel line. no air bubbles in line; I have a DTS that can do live data readings - if there is something specific I should be looking for. Thanks.

Does it need to be replaced

It turns on good, sounds good, put it in drive, it won't go.-- But put it in reverse And it go's, how do I fix what is wrong, or broke??

My 2006 Cummins all of a sudden slowed speed and quit shifting gears ?

I already changed the idle air control valve it did not fix the problem. I checked the code for the check engine light and it asks for a part that is not even in the vehicle.

This happens all the time now what can it be?
The code I saw on the dash was bu 5

I replaced the runner control cleaned manifold and lubricated, now I got the engine on again for a code P2004. is there other possibilities that could have a code of P2004

All the other speeds work

i put new starter n sparkplugs

Totally non functioning all the time.

The ksy fob stays in the ignition but wont stay connected and the van dies...even while driving

Starts fine,once I try to press gas it starts hesatating and runs rich,and shuts off

Has issues starting. Will turn over several diffrent times before starting. Sometimes it will die right away. The computer is not throwing any codes... Please help. Since july 2016 it has gotten a new ac compressor, radiator, fuel pump,& tension pully.

Dash lights go out and the headlamp switch gets super hot. Fuses are all good.Also lose heater control lights. When vehicle is shut off and cooled down when started the lights all workfor a period of time.

What does this code mean and any suggestions on how to fix

I checked the codes it was giving and it said cam sensor so I replaced it now it is giving different codes about the throttle and air flow I checked to see position of throttle it is opened a little about a quarter inch it closes when u turn the key to acc but but opens right back up and will crank but not start

Could it be the fuel filter any suggestions

It wasn't doing all that before I got the oil change now its saying i need new spark plugs

When I turn my a.c. off I hear a knocking noise about 30 seconds

Something keeps draining my battery if it sits more than a week without driving it

this happened 5/7/17 this is the second time someone has this trying to steal my vehicle

I just replaced my engine in my 04 dodge ram. Ran great for a week. Go to the store get food and no starting. It seems like there is no juice going to starter. Replaced it. Nothing! Both starters are good. The truck is reading out a p0522 code. Will this keep it from starting? HELP I don't know what to do!!! Only family vehicle

New plugs, wires, dist. Cap, rotor, fuel pump, filter. All changed. Very low original miles. Thank you