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when knob is pulled out to engage draws on volt meter and battery and nothing happens.bought the truck used wire under hood with inline fuse was disconnected and light on unit in cab to show it was working would not come on when i hooked up the wires light comes on but dray on battery and volt meter but exhaust brake does nothing
I have working ob2 diagnostic tool but the diagnostic port seems to be dead
car died while driveing now wont start
Has troubles starting after sitting over night when it does start you have to give it gas until it warms up and runs fine after that and start up after
I put the 03 sincurs on the 97 pugs wires new
how do I open the remote for key to change dead battery
When I was driving I was going 45mph and I gave it more throttle. it seemed like it shifted up then it seemed like it shifted right down because the rpms went all the way up and lagged out. It felt like when u trun your over drive off and you floor it it lags it felt like that. Fluids are all good. I drove off to go back home everything shifted fine all the way to 70 then something smelled like it was burning
Changed plugs
The heater will not blow hot air. I replaced the heater core and it didn't make any difference. The temperature at full operation holds steady at 200 so the engine is maintaining a perfect temp. What else could be causing it to not blow hot air?
My car has been deteriorating for years. When I was driving, it would sometimes jerk, and when I looked at the dash, the RPMs would be at zero. A second later, they would be up to the proper spot. Now, the RPMs don't go back to normal. My car jerks, the steering will lock, and I'll be forced to yank my steering wheel to pull over. This has happened several times, and the amount of time it takes to get my car started has gotten longer and longer. I had to get it towed at one point because it took so long and I was in a dangerous location (interstate). It was in a parking lot for two weeks after that. When I came back, it was so dead that my car wouldn't even unlock electrically. I had it jumped and it worked immediately, but after driving for fifteen minutes after the jump, it died again (steering wheel locked and the lights all turned off). I jumped it again, but it didn't work. I had to push it into the parking space. I have asked tons of people and they don't know what's up. Help!
Replaced alternator on a 2011 fudge caravan crew flex fuel van. Now it has the code "no fuse" and won't start. Please help
Symptoms of low transfer case fluid in a 2003 dodge Durango please
Can I get the transfer case code for a 2003 dodge Durango please

Hi. My name is Dustin and I drive a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500, and when my foot is on the accelerator to speed up. It doesn't shift up until I let off the pedal for a second then it shifts. Every now and again it shifts up then downshifts on its own. So far itll shift when I let off the pedal but 1. It does this every time. And 2. The faster I am trying to get up to speed the more it keeps downshifting. I pretty much have to drive it like a grandpa for it to shift the way I need it too. 
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