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all vents change as they should , good heat and flow out of rt side vents but cold air from left side vents
vents, including floor vent with good flow ,,, all dash defrost vents has good flow but no heat
slight rattle from blower motor as i have recently moved mode knob to recir from interior to increase fan speed

Why would it blink
low beam on one side, high beam on the other side,
one of each when switch is held.
replaced both bulbs, same condition.
relay? location?
When i try to start the car there is a clicking in the trunk by the battery and it won't crank over or try to start
I replaced the crankshaft sensor and cleaned the throttle body what else could it be or what could i try next ???
I have had the AC checked and there are no leaks. In addition the refrigerant level is at the correct level.
when knob is pulled out to engage draws on volt meter and battery and nothing happens.bought the truck used wire under hood with inline fuse was disconnected and light on unit in cab to show it was working would not come on when i hooked up the wires light comes on but dray on battery and volt meter but exhaust brake does nothing
I have working ob2 diagnostic tool but the diagnostic port seems to be dead
car died while driveing now wont start
Has troubles starting after sitting over night when it does start you have to give it gas until it warms up and runs fine after that and start up after
I put the 03 sincurs on the 97 pugs wires new
how do I open the remote for key to change dead battery
When I was driving I was going 45mph and I gave it more throttle. it seemed like it shifted up then it seemed like it shifted right down because the rpms went all the way up and lagged out. It felt like when u trun your over drive off and you floor it it lags it felt like that. Fluids are all good. I drove off to go back home everything shifted fine all the way to 70 then something smelled like it was burning
Changed plugs
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