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Was driving and didnt notice it ran hot until the beep on my car came on and steam and water spewed. I was told I blew a head gasket and my reservoir had a hole in it.

trans wants to shift back an forth esp. when lower speeds 35-50mph auto fluid all good looks new

How long does the car drive before it dies?
Is there a check engine lamp on

is it the camshaft ? if so, then where is it located at 2000 dodge caravan.And how to replace it.

Changed out crankshaft censore still not working

My truck died when I stoped and won't start. The p0562 code popped up. How do I fix it.

I have a 03 Durango it ran fine when I first baught it now it won't start just turns over when I spray starting fluid in the throttle body I will start and run fine until I shut it off I have changed the fuel pump ,crank sensor , cam sensor , ecm , map sensor and still just turns over I have fuel in the fuel rail but still nothing Any suggestions would help

Anyone know a suitable E-85 engine to use?

Problem occured one time before but parked it and went to leave next day,everything was fine and then recently started again.has not went away?

My mechanical neon 1997, is running smoothly and all of a sudden, the speedometer marks zero (kind of turns off), keeps running smoothly until one has to stop. Then it turns off (if you let it) and, obviously, you lose brakes, steering wheel, etc. It starts without a hitch and all of a sudden the speedometer starts signaling your speed. What can it be?

Why is van shaking when you step on gas
Why is seatbelt light on after the shaking started
Why is check engine light not on anymore

Power train module confirmed.No voltage output for automatic shutdown

Car died at 30 mph blew starter and no re or drive and only cliks need help

the belt broke while my frriend was driving home from work would like to know how to put it in and the timeing marks are at

Does not do it with accelerating or decelerating just maintaining between 35 and 40 mph

My cars gear shift isnt locking into a specific gear. I can move it from "D"rive to "N"eutral while driving & vise versa. Also, my gear shift won't go to the "L" shift AT ALL! -
- My AC turns on and than doesn't blow cold air a few mins later than again it will come on sometimes staying on others not. & its sporadic throughout the day.

the instrument cluster gayges don't work

I have a dashboard video camera and would like it to stay on 24/7 but whenever I turn off the engine and park the power to the cig lighter outlet shuts off thus turning off my dashboard video camera How can I fix this problem?

1999 Dodge Stratus 2.0 Liter Engine ,Base Model. Car crank's over but will no start. Changed the Map Sensor , Changed Crank Sensor , Checked the Serpentine Belt in great condition made sure it was lined up on the mark, Car has plenty of fuel pressure 50lbs, Checked Spark plugs and changed Spark plug wires. Changed Crank Sensor, Engine Compression is great 150 lbs on all cylinders.. New Coil. Put fuel down the throttle body and vehicle won't start. Checked EGR valve , took off new catalytic converter and would not start and got no back pressure. 2 week old oxygen sensors. All rubber hoses for vacuum okay. Old Fart Driving it 1960's Mechanic. What's the Problem !?!.

Vehicle will start in the morning and will not start again when engine is hot,have changed the crankshaft sensor,and the ignition cable,not solved

Long belt is hanging off and power steering is lost. Felt a kind of snap in steering column. How can I fix this?

Does the engine control computer needs to be programmed?

I need a engine control computer the engine stalls while I am driving. It happens often. I need a price and if I can get one in VA or NC.

I started it up fine,went around the corner,cut it off,and when I tried too cut it back on,wouldn't start,lights, radio,everything was working,got a jump started right up,what could be the problem

Cruise control doesn't work passenger side window only goes up/down on driver side. And the back windows won't open

What cost of labor and price of the pcm

I just purchased this car a week ago and whenever I'm stuck in traffic the engine idle drops to zero. That is the RPM gauge drops to zero and the whole car slightly rocks a bit as if there was a spark plug misfire. Is this normal ? No engine light to indicate any problems. Also where is the battery located? It's not under the hood.

Relay switch for trany fan was replaced and she now will not start have checked all fuses replaced filler neck and took care of evap leaks can not for the life of me find a gas line diagram on my specific vehical its a 3.3 l v6 front wheel drive no lead fuel

The auto parts. Store run a diagnostic test and it was the voltage regulator and I needed a new alternate. Does this make sense to you?

Runs fine thru 1st, 2nd & third gear but that's as far as it goes. Running highway speeds is really hard on gas, not to mention the extra wear on the engine