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No heat passenger side, replaced blend door actuator. Still no heat. Any suggestions? Think of flushing heater core
Truck sat for 2 years and ran fine. Trued to start it. No power to fuel pump. Changed all relays and fuses still no power to fuel pump.
I replaced the blower motor in my ac about 6 months ago. It was working fine and now it stop working it wont come on. What is the problem?

I own a 2008 Dodge Caliber SXT
It is located at the bottom of the timing chain cover and the top of the oil pan!
Same problem here..
Need help!
boster cause my brake not to work
dodge durango 2007
its getting worst battery doesnt charge at all now since buzzing started
Now the truck pops and knocks while im driving then stalls. It started out doing this after it got worm now it wont even make it down the street. Also it used to be able to be started after 5 min. Not once it stalls it wont start till pretty much the next day
Sometimes my 2001 dodge ram 1500 automatic transmission will go when it's in drive and reverse and other times it wont. What could be my problem?? I heard that they have a reset button on the transmission. If they do where is it and how can I solve my problem w/o a high repair bill?
Hi what rear end do i have on my 1998 dodge ram 2500 12 valve Cummins thanks
95dodgetruck 5.9replaced fuel pump now no guages work and spittin and sputtering down road please help checked fuses under hood and inside truck all good.
I never had any major issues with my Nitro but just recently, I had to have the serpentine and tension belts replaced along with the front brakes. My truck was in the shop for about a month and when I get it back, the a/c is not blowing cold. It was blowing cold before so what could be the problem? It is not overheating as the temp gauge stays in the middle.
i am looking to buy this car and dont know any other details
had battery, starter, and alternator tested. The battery dies no more than two days after charged.
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