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Works after van has sat overnight. Cold air comes and goes
Please I need to replace my transfer case but I need If 2006' to my 2007 Chrysler Pacifica
Engine light on
Check engine light on code P2017 replaced 02 sensors engine control module sensor replaced plugs what could it be
I can’t find the problem, my car sometimes start and after a few minutes it shuts off and won’t start again it doesn’t crank at all like a dead battery, I already bought a new battery a new alternator a new camshaft Señor, it’s driving me crazy please somebody know what can be the problem?
Key will only turn can on but won't turn all the way off. The battery keeps dying and it needs a jump all the time
None of my gages are working in my 07 Pacifica besides my gas gage. What can out be?
It jerks almost every time at a full stop. If I don't pump the brakes, it doesn't usually jerk. I also have to press lightly on the brake pedal at a stop so it doesn't jerk instead of pressing the brake at a full pressure on a stop. When it jerks, I release my foot off the brake just enough to make it stop jerking. It does not jerk while the van is in motion. Drives well. Is it possible that the brake caliper aren't working???
3.8 , set months in a garage , battery dead and fob dead ! New fob batt and had no crank with service immobilizer ! New immobilizer and had locksmith program a new key . When he installed immob had no communication with pcm (I tried OBDII SCANNER AND HAD LINK ERROR) ! I have checked grounds and added a new batt gr . PCM has 2 12v hot pins . If I put an old key in it says bad key ! Hard to diagnose with no OBDII scan . I did a check of resistance on #2 pin on DLC and meter went all over the place , never a good read ! How the hell do I make progress without dealer help ? Is there a scanner that will read system with link error ! Seems that pcm has output on at least one connection with like 2.4 v ! Could there be 1 module that is grounded that would keep pcm from recieving fob signal ?
CD Player doesn't work on radio
I know he broke steering column deployed airbed and sliced wires....
Broken slider shifter rubber panel
it shifts from park to drive but in drive you hit the gas pedal and the car does not move same as reverse
This happens always when automatically closing. If I manually close it happens occasionally.
the exhaust is right against the tank so when the heat shield falls off is this a concern? I tried to take off the nut that holds the shield to the tank and it all turns, is very loose, will the gas tank leak? The heat shield is corroded to the point that a big hole is where the nut is supposed to hild it to the tank
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