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Need to know where the fuse is fir the oower locks
I need to know where the fuse is for the power locks
the battery lite comes on it a new battery and the alternator is fine too we had it checke
Its a 1998 chrysler t & c lxi. After a couple restarts all lights except service engine light goes off. So I take to mechanic and he resets something and it goes off. Lasts about 2 weeks each time. I also have to recalibrate ac system. Any ideas? Will it be expensive to fix?
Car acts like it is not getting gas. Dies at stops
The book says to cycle the key. Book does not explain the details as to what that means.
Car just quit running going down the street. Then no power supply at all. Tried to jump battery burned table up on negative side. Problem started just conking out like out of gas. But each time got worse had to wait to start backup about 10 minutes. Checked fuses not problem ignition code came up at the auto store about a month ago. More detail if you want please help.
I am trying to find out what is wrong and not spend money on unnecessary parts
Car shakes feel in seat mostly at 35-40mph but also does it at higher speeds of 85-70mph. Makes rumbeling sound over bumps at low speeds.
Why is the transmission fluid look like motor oil,and how can I fix it
Our coolant temperature shows 210 and it is 95 degrees outside
Van was there for over a week. Got van back and at the end of one month transmission started falling out of gear. Took back to shop where they had over a week. Got call, picked up van and as soon as I drove off their lot it had a shifting problem. I immediately drove back and was told to drive for 100 miles then report back to them. At 105 miles van shifted violently on highway, ck engine lite came on and was limped back to their shop. Each time refusing to give me documentation showing mileage before & after and work. Van was there 2 whole weeks. Picked van up, again refusing to give me any documentation of problem and fixes. Drove van for 5 miles and again is shifting hard from 1st to 2nd. Paid them $4500.00 on 1st visit. Since my transmission still isnt correct after 3 shop visits and their reluctance to provide work documentation tells me I am getting screwed over. Am I asking for to much or am I getting their shaft? Bev
Brake pedal hits the floor...random (48 hrs, usually 6+ weeks) Every time there air in only the front driver side brake. Mechanics are stumped. They will replace Master Cylinder, not that they feel it's bad but because they don't know what else to do.
Since it's always been only the front driver side full of air, can I bleed just that one?
I'm not new to cars and trucks but t mini van is the first any trucks or tips are appreciated the hardest part looks to be figuring out how to get the room and undo the line where it connects to the rack an opinion. Charcoal box is alrdy removed for more room as well
The analog clock...will stop....then a few hours later go crazy...round and round...then stop...I will set....then suddenly do again...does it engine started...or not...did the a couple of months ago...and mysteriously quit
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