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This week computer numbers have continually dropped even after being reset and driving normally. Normal hi-way mileage is 28-31mpg; now is only 10-11 mpg, yet fuel consumption on hi-way is still healthy. Vehicle is well serviced by dealer since new May of 2005: just under 99,000 miles. The "dte" figure is now about 700 when normal is max of 500 miles. One mechanic said to disconnect battery for 30 minutes to reset computer -- to no avail. What now - plug in a dealer diagnostic unit?
they say the wires are broken and I can't afford to fix, especially since they say the motor might soon give out. Right now it is extremely difficult to open and close manually, like you're going against the "grain". Can they be configured to open safely, all the time, manually and by-pass the electronics? This happens most of the time on the passenger side, occasionally on the drivers side. The lock/unlock rarely works automatically on the passenger side, making it impossible to open automatically until you manually unlock the door.
I installed a new JVC stereo using a wiring harness. The power comes on, the CD plays, but there is no sound. If I uncouple the harness and then plug in the OEM stereo and let it turn on and play that CD you can hear sound. Now, here is the weird part, if I unplug the stock/OEM stereo and then plug in the JVC harness I get sound. Problem is when I turn off car I am back to power with no sound and I have to go through the process of uncoupling the JVC, hooking up OEM and the uncoupling that to hook up JVC and get sound
Heater takes a very long time to heat the temp gauge stays in the middle never over heat. Drive for 20 min heat starts to work somewhat have it all the way up but only comes out Luke warm then it stops blowing warm air and goes back to cold after 5 min or so
This happens every time I start off from a stop it jumps like three times then ok.
We had a tune up,a radiator hose replace, and the third injection replace within the last two months. It can not pass the e check, keeps reading not ready. What is the next step to get this van to pass and the check engine light off?
I have lost a total of four covers. Both sides twice. The remaining one is held on by duct tape and that's the only reason it is not gone. The left one is gone, for the second time, and is covered with red tape to a avoid getting yet another ticket. I can't believe I didn't see a single entry about this. Maybe I just got a lemon!
i need to know how many hours it takes to fix a valve cover gasket in my van and how much it will cost me?
I have lost a little stuffed animal behind the panel of the back of the lower glove compartment. I cannot find a way to get the glove compartment out. The compartment will still close, but it is hard. I really want the item that is lost.
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