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When I open the tail gate with the remote key, sometimes it will come back down.
checked checked all the fuses they all seem to be in good order
engine light came on...mechanic said the code was for a loose speedometer cable and said to take it to a transmission shop....speedometer goes crazy,will go in reverse after 30 sec or so and a jerk..trb over 50 mphs..transmission shop said my vechile doesn't have a cable and to bring it in.
I changed thermostat check the hoses clean the heater core and the coolant is all up to date but still blowing cold air can u tell me anything else i can do?
i have replaced bcm ,stop light switch ,& turn signal switch still have no stop or turn signals
Heater quit blowing warm air
Rear sliding door locks will not work with key fob or button on mirror. Will only lock or unlock manually. Once unlocked, the doors will open with remote.
Both parts look the same, except the location of the the socket (and the price...)

Item no. In Amazon



Thank you!

checked belts alternator. Could it be the idler pulley? Only makes noise when rpm is below 1200 rpm. Any suggetions?
key off stays on till battery dead
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