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the problem started when making left hand turns now it is happening when any turns are made.

The air circulation fan is on high all the time even though the power to the heat/ac system is off.

how much to replace a fuel filler neck

brakes are grinding...bad!

The back seat is automatic. It goes into the floor ok but the back part of the large seat won't go up. Something is stuck or broken. The single seat works fine. Could it be the motor or gears? What do i have to look at to check it out? I'm a little leary about running it into the dealer yet. Thanks!

ignition switch locked up over night.i turned the sterring wheel and the switch at the same time and sprayed the switch with wd40,still wont turn

Yes, this is a constant problem. The front blower runs full speed all the time. I'm getting tired of the noise. Oh yeah, it has 245k on it but that's not old in Wyoming.

My van has been shutting down on me as I drive, if I am going down the interstate,when it cuts off, I am able to restart it right away. However, sometimes It will let me seat for 20 minutes before it starts back up again. So far, I have replaced the fuel pump, the main swith that generates electricity, the gas filter and some other sensor. Will you please help me figure out this problem

I can not get to this spark plugs! Do I have to remove some parts? Or is there a trick?

I took my 2005 van to the warnity mech.for low and spongy pedal and they replace the master cylinder,the brake booster and brake pads and after picking it up and driveing for 3 days I still have a spongy pedal.what I do next?


I Want to know why is it that when I open the drivers side door, the interior lights don't come on but they do when I open the passengers side. I also want to know why is it that I have to turn the heat on full blast for it to come out of the front driver's and passanger's vent. When on low it only comes out of the rear vents.

This just started happening today. When I turn off the car, the fan keeps running. I had to disconnect my battery for it to stop. How can this be fixed? Any clue?

When I drive my 2001 T&C in hot weather with the air conditioning running on a long trip, the passenger side carpet gets saturated with water. Why is this happening? Is there a recall for this? How can I stop it?

what belts are involved if pump goes out

i need a diagram of driveshaft unit, need to no how to get back housing unit on

the dash board gages stop work a month ago then came back on for two days then stopped working again

Alarm sounds intermittently when car is locked either way, manually or remote.

Driver's power window stuck in up position. We have removed door panel to check wiring, motor etc. Is there any way to tell if it is the switch or the motor? The wiring seems ok.

every time I turn the key the engine fuse blows. I just had a new fuel pump put in the day before and now this problem

hey i have a 99 town & country sometime when driving the van when I stop at a stop sign or light van turns off when braking & brake pedal gets hard but it will start right back up what the problems?

Help!!!! I have a 99 town & country limited engine revs in park & neutral & when at stop light/sign RPM is at 1.5 what is the problem?

How do I find out which transmission software is installed and how do I get it to be upgraded to the most current software?

i accidently broke the bulb on the fog/running light and i was wondering can i get a replacement bulb or do i need to replace the whole unit?? thank you

windshield wiper fluid wont work/spray---what could be wrong? The motor at the reservoir is good.

where is the airbag control module located on a 2002 town and country?

where is the airbag control module of 2002 town and country located?

Never had this problem before the key would not turn, in the ignition had the car towed in to service dept. and they drove it into a bay then told me I needed a new starter, I don't think one has anything to do with the other or am I wrong

i moved the sensor(?) that made the check motor\oil lights come back on with all others when first starting up like normal. then it started. later on i tried and it wouldn't turn over. has not sense.

Van won't let fuel into the tank when filling fuel tank. Done this once in the winter and now did it again. Outside temp is not cold now so not freezing. Takes forever to put fuel in the tank. Have owned van for two years and just started doing this. Help, what can be wrong.