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This morning after warming up my van, I turned the corner and heard two ring tones and saw the oil can light flash on my dashboard... What does this mean?
left one come on, when I put on the brights the right side come only on
How do you reprogram it and what do you need to reprogram it. It does it every time I put the key in.
Then as I drive sometimes it doesnt shift right and also when I turn on my head lights and heat the car acts real bad ! I took it in to three shops no one knows whats wrong with it it sat a whole week at the laat place and they had no answee for me. Hope u can help thanks
Remote start will start the car but the car shuts down after 5 seconds and will not remote start until car is started with the ignition. Check engine light is on. I replace the car battery last week. Is there a reset for the romote start?
It like in the old days when you was trying to get a veh in time.You bump the key.
driver window goes up but down is intermittent. Buzzing sound occurs when not moving down
When I open the tail gate with the remote key, sometimes it will come back down.
checked checked all the fuses they all seem to be in good order
engine light came on...mechanic said the code was for a loose speedometer cable and said to take it to a transmission shop....speedometer goes crazy,will go in reverse after 30 sec or so and a jerk..trb over 50 mphs..transmission shop said my vechile doesn't have a cable and to bring it in.
I changed thermostat check the hoses clean the heater core and the coolant is all up to date but still blowing cold air can u tell me anything else i can do?
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