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We replaced the engine in my E350 Ford van. It idles great, but as soon as we step on the gas, the engine dies. No sensor lights come on. It just dies. I was told if the check engine light doesn't come on, the handheld computer from AutoZone won't tell us anything. Please help. I need the van.
the airbag/seatbelt warning lamp comes on intermintly while driving or making turns
At this point there are no major mechanical issues. However, the electric hatch doesn't beep when it opens and the two back slide doors need a new motor. All the electric windows work fine. Great car with 55,000 gently driven miles. Has all the bells & whistles when I drove it off the showroom floor in 2001. No kids, no pets, no smoke, no body, but me going to the grocery store.
would i be able to just replace pcm with a used one from the recycling yard?
someone plz help me out im stuck she it my kristine and i can do all else that needs to bone done on it so plz someone out there help me out here lol
Happens everytime nd runs down battery. Able to crank fine nd turn off fine. Key will release several hours later. Please any advice welcome. No recall.
If the control module is the problem, is it incorporated into the display, with the 3 digital zone display and the control knobs? Thx, terry
Ran fine when parked. Never had any problems before it got very cold. New battery 6 months ago.
When i put key in and tried to start van, it said on dash that remote start had been disabled, start van to reset. The van will not start and the key is stuck in the ignition, when i open the door the alarm goes off and i have another key but it will not do anything to stop alarm. Key is now stuck in ignition and van will not start help.
Monday January 5th in MN, subzero temperatures overnight into Monday. Van wouldn't start. Took battery to Sears who confirmed the battery was bad (3yrs old). Installed new Diehard battery. Turned ignition switch - no power at all. What are potential areas to check?
I recently had a new trans installed in my 97 town & Country. Not sure if this is related but now when I'm accelerating the van pulls to the left and when I'm coasting the van tracks straight. The van was not pulling before we had the transmission changed.
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