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I have a 2003 town country on and after a few minutes turns off
start only after several attempts the panel has power and lights
The middle row passenger side seat was so hot it felt like a heating pad had been lying there on high. The floor in front (where the seat stows) was cool, but the floor under the seat and just to the rear of the seat were extremely hot to touch. This happened four days ago after a 2 hour interstate drive. Have not driven the vehicle since except to the grocery store about half a mile away.
I have a noise from the left side of my front axle that gets louder as I go faster . No grinding but a roaring sound like fan or car not going into overdrive. But tranny is working fine ???
I can fill the gas tank up and drive about 80 miles the gas hand goes down till I stop driving and cut the vehicle and start it back up the gas hand goes all the way back to full
My van locks on my sliding doors will not lock or unlock with the key or pushing the lock button in the van. Had one door stop 2 years ago and the other one just started doing the same thing. I have a friend that has the same thing going on with one of his doors. Is there a recall on this? Or is it a common problem?
My manual sliding driver door got slammed shut and now it wont open from inside or outside. Is there something I can do to fix it without taking it to a shop?
Instrument cluster lights went out (all instruments work). Traced problem to BCM - no voltage on Pin #11 on Connector 4. Otherwise everything else works. Is it possible for me to open the BCM and make any repair to the unit for this simple isolated problem?
Testing done so far: No voltage at Pin #1 on Instrument Cluster connector. Voltage is present from head light switch to the BCM Pin #30 at Connector 5. This is the dimmer circuit - ranges from 1.3 Volts up to 2.7 Volts based on dimmer position.
This is an intermittent problem. No obvious pattern - sometimes the engine is warm, other times cold. No particular frequency of occurrence. Today it took about 5 min. of trying/waiting, exiting/re-entering the van to get it going. Dealer says can't find anything wrong.
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