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Just needing to know how to delete this hard drive just bought a van and i dont listen to the music that is stored on the radio
My 2011 Chrysler Town and County needed a new cylinder head (under Chrysler extended warranty). The part was delayed getting to the dealership. It took 2 months before the dealership with able to start work on the vehicle. Upon fixing the cylinder head and driving the vehicle, I was told that the brake caliper needed replacing due to seizure. Is this something that would have been caused from sitting on the lot and not being used for 2 months? Should I ask the dealership if this could have been avoided if it didn't sit for so long?
Van runs very choppy, hesitates and sounds like it wants to die. Codes came up... I replaced the purge valve and had already replaced egr valve. Most of what I've read about these codes says that there shouldn't be any noticable issues with how the van runs, but I'm having very noticeable issues. Any idea what I should do from here or what it all means? Thank you.
My car makes a weird vibration when traveling at 38 or 39 mph, and again at 57 or 58 mph. What could be the problem? Could it be the transmission?
I just got a diagnosis for a valve body that houses a pressor switch b/c my van is shifting in first an second gear. The part is 1311. They said this could fix the problem or it might still be a clutch fail which would lead to transmission replacement at 3,oo4. Does this seem like a good diagnosis?
Never worked when I bought the van checked relays and fuses it just makes a clicking sound in area of the fuse box.
the key won t come out of the ignition, I disconnect battery cable then reconnect and key come out
All wiring tight and secure. Won't start.
The AC setting for the rear of the van changes to 72 degrees, lowest blow and feet/head all on its own. I change it, but it will still go to that setting. It's not set on Auto, but the rear setting is not "locked" either. The front control will stay in the rear setting mode, so I can't change the from AC until I get it out of the rear mode. This all started the same day I had an oil change done. Could that be related somehow?
Mechanic told us it was $800 to replace flex plate
When I accidently hit open on key fob the person has also hit open and is climbing out and the door is closing on him or her, shouldn't the door stop and reopen?
Air conditioner blowing out warm air and air conditioner is reading low
After I shut down the engine I hear a little electrical motor working continuously from the DVD player which has the GPS system in it in the dashboard. Next day I always need a boost ...
My alarm system acts irradically on my 1999 Chrysler Minivan.. I have tried using the key as instructed,to no avail. How can I disable the alarm system?
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