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Electronic throttle control light is on on the dash. Van runs rough and makes noise
How long have you had this problem? One day
I changed out the trans. Solenoid about 6 months ago. Now I'm getting a engine light and a code p0740.

How long have you had this problem? Has happened before but today it wouldn't shut

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Adding power steering fluid
How long have you had this problem? Few days.Since I bottomed it out

How long have you had this problem? one week
shut off at running temp but start back up
fuel pump changed the car cranks but wont start this is first time before the used to stop after 2 hours
kids eager to open the door or when remote on key is kaput
The problem happens every time I drive it. Instead of shifting properly it takes it a long time to down shift and pick up speed. The more I push in the gas, the more it slows down. Sometimes it is worse and sometimes it seems better.
It also takes at least 3 times turning the key before the engine starts. One time it took up to 20 turns before it started. It will turn over but not fire up. It cranks but doesn't start for the first 2 or more times.
I have a 2002 town & country that has begun having a knocking noise in the engine. We are driving back from vacation and about three miles away from home noticed the engine lagging a little. Once we got home I could hear a knocking noise coming from the engine. I asked some advise from some people and one of the questions they had asked was, if the oil was low? I didn't think much of it, because it hadn't been that long sense I had had an oil change and there was no significant leaking. But low and behold it turns out it was about 4qts low. I couldn't believe it, it made no sense. The engine has about 124,000 miles on it and has never used oil so fast. I checked my records and the last time the oil was done was only 3,400 previously. It really made me upset, because there was never any warning it was low. Didn't have the oil light come on or even the engine light till we checked it later to try and diagnose the problem. Looks like this is not a unusual issue. It seems to me that Chrysler has found a way to continue their customer service by making their engines die before the consumer has a chance to do anything about it. Well, this consumer will be going somewhere else from now on.
Changed coil pack, plugs, wires, map sensor, checked injectors, injector harness, iac sensor. Exaust manifold is leaking some oil where connects to block and also smoking there to. Also smoking out muffler exaust. And battery goes dead if leave it connected.
Loosing coolant at a rate of 2 1/2 gallons every 120 miles
I'm having problems with my transmission not moving very well I was going to put a new transmission filter and change the fluid and was told that my 2002 Chrysler town&country dis not have a transmission filter is this true
All the warning lights are on, the window wipers wont stop. Blinker not working. Windows only go up in steps. I cant figure it out. Someone please help. Thanks.
I have to put my back window wipers on for my passenger window to go down, the a/c and heater only works while I'm accelerating so basically I have to be going a high speed for it to blow, the radio only works when the car is off so does the front wipers...weird things like that...someone said it was because my automatic doors are off track
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