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When I turn the controls off, a blower still runs on the right side on my 2002 Town and Country
I have an 05 town and country. Just replaced the water pump after old one siezed up. Realized a few days after, that the Radiator cap never gets hot. Coolant level in radiator is good.
smog test failed because of this problem
the idel started when i shifted gears
2010 Town and country driver window will not work when toggling the switch in up position. Replaced master switch did not resolve issue,. Pulled motor plugged in on passenger side, wored fine in both directions ( this eliminated the motor) I have voltage when toggling the switch down nothing when I toggle the switch up. Checked wiring in door jamb for broken wires found nothing. The motor has the 6 pin connector which makes troubleshooting a little more difficult. I'm leaning towards a bad door module. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
rear heater hose needs to be replace, how to cut the line
for front turn signals. replaced bulbs. turn signals are very dim and flash fast. when i turn my headlights on the the turn signals dont work at all. they work but dim when flashers are on or when i open slidding doors and when locking or unlocking.
There is something stuck in front of the drawer and the drawer will not close completely. If I can remove the drawer, I can get out the obstruction.
I can get about 3 quarts into the gas tank then the nozzle shuts off and when I pull the nozzle off pressure blows out of the tank.
It will take about 3 quarts of gas then the hose shuts off then when I remove the fill spout some pressure blows out the fill opening.It will take no more gas until I move the car.I bought the car with 1/2 tank,I runs and drives so good I put new tires on while dreaming thousands of miles until I went to the gas station!
It all started by needing a jump when u turned key it would just click jump started n it was fine thought it was bad battery because battery was seven years old replaced batter and had starter and alternator fixed both fine the next time I went to drive van it just started and died three times then did nothing when turned key over was frustrated and broke let van sit for bout week went and tried to start it it started right up let it run for bout half hour no prombelm turned off back in no prombelm decided to let sit till had money to have chkout did not want to get stranded bout two weeks later went out to start again it back to starting and dieng afraid to even to try and drive it to mechanic barely have enough to see one much less if dies on way can't afford tow bill anyclue what could be causeing it to act like this any advice would be much appreciated
The 'beating sound' goes away, usually within thirty seconds.
I took van to Chrysler in Logansport when battery kept going dead even after we put in a new battery They said the radio was draining the battery Radio would quit when going down the road then sometimes it would come back on but go out again The next morning my battery would be dead They took the fuse out for the radio and battery is fine
All lights work except low beam headlamps. Tried changing switch didnt work. I want to check fus or relay but cant figure out which one it is. Its not labeled.
While on hwy or surface streets van runs ok, but when I try to leave a parked position {like a street light},
engine just dies --- After engine cools for 2-3 minutes engine starts and runs ok. Replaced EGR valve and
crank position sensor.
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