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Are the radiator fan % radiator motor fan the same? Or is a motor needed also?
could it be struts/shocks (rear and front)
I need to replace the water pump and someone said there are 2 timing chains I have to take off to get to the water pump, is that true
Grinding When I'm on the highway if I turn into a curve it makes a grinding noise. It's the front driver side
the car wont start when it is been off for a while, but after about 15 to twenty minutes of trying to start it will finally start. and will keep restarting as long as it is not to long between starts, we changed the distributor and the crank shaft sencor, still same problem
I had a water pump put in, its not running hot but seems like every time I turn on th air condition its smoking from up under the hood around where the antifreeze goes
Replaced fuel relay, all sensors, and battery.
the dash lights go off every other day for days or just minutes. is this a wire connection.
my dads car has been having trouble starting. he replaced the battery twice this year. I'm pretty sure the battery was good. I noticed his automatic start doesn't work. and his das lights go on and off. are they related?
Connect seat belt and light and buzzard keep going off, I giggle it and some times stops shortly then starts again
Does bad shocks cause shimmering when the brakes are applied
Need a front bumper for my 2006 convertible sebring. Was wondering if the sedan bumper will fit, they look exactly the same but at the least there's a $100 difference in price.
already still having issues & this morning would not drive over 30mph now there's no red bolt but seems like something is being missed
The fluids out its relatively read somebody said possible solenoid pack should I drop the pan and even mess with it I mean I've got the stuff the old owner gave it to me I don't know let me know what you think
runs great when its started but wont start without either
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