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have had 2 separate repairs shops check with hand held devices, unable to read ECN. could this be I need another update? it was updated in 2008.
my car broke down I was told that the water filter needs to be change on top of other things wrong with it.
They said if they changed it all it would ruin my tranny, so they drained a little was that the right thing to do?
Sounds like I have a tool box dumped in my trunk. This happen all of a sudden. I've never heard or had any kind of warning that anything was even wrong with the rear end of my car. I parked it because I have no idea what it is. Strut shock suspension issue I don't know please help. I looked underneath and nothing is hanging or looks to be broke so I don't know but it's loud and out of nowhere
My car needs the part, lower control arm/ball joint replaced. I came to this site to get the repair estimate and theres not even an option for hardly any suspension or car estimates of this type. Does this site need help putting information on this site pertaining to what this site "claims" to be offering??
Fan does not blow on 1 and 2 speed but works fine on 3 and 4
The mechanic who fixed it then had not seen anything like this, but one fuse in the block did the trick but that was a couple years (or more) ago.

Shady mechanic estimated $500 and said he HAD to get the line from the dealer. I need to know if I'm being dooped. How much should it cost?
While driving I have no tail lights. Brake lights and hazards and blinkers work fine. Changes bulbs checked connections in lenses checked fuses. I have brought the car to 5 different shops and no one can even tell me what the problem is. I get pulled over 2-3x a week. Between tix and estimates for diagnostics I have spent over $1000 and have no idea what the problem is. I just don't get it. Someone please help me!! Thanks for any ideas. Again shops and me have done all possible routine checks.
The car starts but then slowly dies and the oil light is on but there is also a blinking red light on the right hand side that im not sure what it means?
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