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why do i hear engine noise through the speakers when the radio is off or on

drive belt squeal all the time. it is only a few months old. shows no wear. where are th drain holes underneath the car? the haynes book i have doesnt even mention drain holes. water is on floorboards and i can hear water sloshing around. thanks for your help!

Are special tools required to remove or replace the rear struts and if so what r there costs??

Are the grease plates always replaced and if not what determines that?

burning off anti freeze see no leak on ground

i turn the key in the ignition and nothing happens. no noise, almost as if the battery is dead, but i turn on the lights and they come on. so i tried turning the key a few more times and it finally starts. this has happened about four times now.

my ignition fuse kept blowin, now my car won't start at all no lights no nuttn, even my keyless entry don't work, wut can b the problem?

My passenger electric windows front and rear will not go up or down on a Chrysler Sebring Convertable. They went out at the same time

The codes are 0440 and 0441

Charging and Brake warning lights stayed on intermittently. Replaced a battery due to a two year old rebuilt alternator overcharging it. Replaced two rebuilt alternators(second one was replaced under warranty) within a week. My mechanic found that everything tests good from alternator to battery, but when I drive for about 10 minutes, the voltage from the alternator to the battery drops from 14.1 to under 12 and the warning lights come back on. My mechanic suggested to take the car to the dealer as the computer may be bad. Dealer replaced the computer and the warning lights still come on. Any suggestions what the problem may be? Thanks for your help.

Alternator went out on Thursday. Got car back from shop on Monday. On Wednesday tried to start car and starter just make one quick sqeak and dead. Mech put fresh starter and main fuse in put now the starter just rolls with no fire to engine. Anyone have an idea? Thanks, Jim

lost my manual, anyone know where I can find the fuse box layout under the hood that tells what each fuse is?

It ran hot on me yesterday before it got the the Hot I noticed it and pulled over. It was smoking on the right hand side up under the timing belt, and it wasnt oil. It had no water in it and when I try to crank it up it will turn over strong but it makes a funny noise along with it. It looks like the black pan up under the timing belt at the bottom is almost off and possibly is that the reason why its making that noise and wont crank up? Mayb its in the way so it cannot crank? But no engine light come on and it holds no water when I pour water into the radiator it comes out at the bottom near the timing belt.

how can i fix my gear shifter panell, its not lighting up you know where it says p,r,n,d does it have a fuse or a bulb i can buy

Will an engine from another year model work in a 2002 LX sedan with a 2.4 liter?

my front windows rattle can they be adjusted?if so how? began about a year ago

just filled up gas tank drove about 5-10 miles stop for about an hour. went to start car check engine light was on.
sent to repair shop said that the ignition coil was bad put a new one in it brunt up as well. sent to chrylser said car may have been struck by lighting, needed a new pcm. My question. what is price of a new one. I see listed on internet $225 is this reasonable.

where can i find knock sensor on my car

while driving if you stop at a red light the car stalls out but will restart any suggestions

I have an 2004 Sebring Platinum Series V6 the service engine soon. light came on car has 77558 miles on it. Seems to be running great , what would be the most likely reason for the light

looking to find price to replace freeze plugs the two on the front are leeking, but there might be problem with the one behind the flywheel. If you a rough estiment to replace them

my code reader states this is a evap leak( small leak)

my battiery in my car keeps going dead and I changed my battiery and my alternater and my battery light keeps coming on and then shuts my car off what could be wrong with it???

my vehicle idles down to 50 rpms and wants to cut off when at stop sign it doesnt , when i drive off the car gets to 30 mphs and want go any faster ,then all of sudden it will take off and start to go faster

Front end squeeks badly all the time when going straight or turning. already replaced the rubber islaters on the top of springs.

asc light is blinking

2004 Sebring Limited Convert, 2.7 V-6 Auto, 75k mi failed CA smog, no engine light on at time of Smog Failure, Failure was @15rpm, No (PPM) Max 424 Measured 647. Since about a month after SMOG failure engine stays on, no other noticeable problems with this one owner vehicle. Sacramento mechanic estimate for dignosis was $264 for labor and now wants additional $102 for labor cost to install catalytic converter for $275.00 This same mechanic in 09/10 charged me $1,635 in labor cost to R&R Cylinder Heads with a value job plus parts cost me $2,600. Do the labor charges for the cat work seem excessive for Northern California. The old saying, "Shame on you if you fool me once, and shame on me if you fool me twice" Anxious to know your thoughts. Thanks

How much does it cost to replace the battery on the sebring if I already have a new battery

I just recently bought a new and stronger battery for my sebring, now my horn won't stop going off! It is constant! I cannot even drive it anywhere to have it looked at! How can I disconnect my horn? I don't think there is any type of alarm system on this car, if there was, I never knew about it! I just want it to stop! Also, the cover for my fuse box is missing, where can I get a diagram of a fuse box for a '97 sebring Lxi?
Thank you for your help!!!

i need to locate the air conditioning drain tube