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I bought a 04 Chrysler Sebring about a week ago. Two days later I started having to pump the gas in the morning and when its cold to get it to start. Sometimes when I'm driving it, it starts bogging but other times it drives fine. It has the 2.7 v6. What could it be? I'm so frustrated!! There are no check lights on.
I've cleaned out the trunk but the rattle is only getting worse. it sounds like metal on metal, or tools rattling around. I've had blown springs on previous cars but this sounds different.
At first the a/c speed would have to stay on high then finally it stopped working all together. The a/c will blow a little while i am driving but the fan is still not working. What part do i need to get and how can i fix it my self?
replaced starter and battery and relay cleaned all connections
Roof of car completely peeled off and getting white spots. Only has 83000 miles. Started peeling off while still under warranty and I reported to Chrysler rep. Was told only way to repaint was if car was rusting out! It will now for sure. Have you had any reports of bad paint on these cars?
Bought car brand new. Has 83000 miles. Have had multiple problems with this car.If I put the wiper control on low sometimes it will stay off until car turn off then back on.When turned on the wipers start again.
engine compartment to gas tank. Both gas straps are hanging by a tread. In 2011 I had Brakes fixed by Hong Kong Auto in Glenview. A year later they went out and Sears told me on older car, calipers should be greased but Hong Kong auto did not do that after charging me over a thousand dollars. Now I find my car is rusted out on bottom and Sears said the salt in winter did it if it was not washed. Chyrsler said car is old and was not driven enough I don't want to repeat mistake... as now it would cost a fortune to fix car and it could still have more problems when line are bled. It was garage kept. Did my car go down hill because it was not washed in winter or was it condensation that ruined my car?
Changed distributor, code still same, chgd crank sensor, same, battery dead, new battery turns over no fire.
All of a sudden the neddles on my panel stopped working (speedometer, tachometer, Oil and Car Temp. and the Air Bag and Check Engine lights went on. Additionally, the my air cond. stopped blowing cold air. It blows regular air. What could be wrong?
The trunk opens and the top starts to go down but stops about a foot up from the windshield and you can hear the motor running trying to go down. A dealership said that it is the luggage tray panel but that is not what the problem is because it does try to go down.
1998 Chrysler sebring convertible. I need a key and ignition switch.i
Key and ignition switch
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