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None of the four windows will operate. Not by individual control or by drivers control. Moon roof works fine. For about two days, they would work then not work. Now, nothing. Luckily, they were in the up position. Before that, there were no problems.
But true I've changed the crank sensor because there was no fire at the plug but still no start
Now my car won't fire rotates but no start
Seems to be lots of air in system more heat @high speeds Cooling systemr
When I crank my car it starts however, if i do not have my foot on the gas, it dies. I will put it into reverse and drive afterwards and I have to do so quickly and press on the gas fast for it to stay on and not die as well. If I stop it dies and i can restart it right away. Seems that once it warms up it stops with the problem. I had the battery checked and it was good. I replaced the alternator and however, that helped a little, it is still doing the same thing. They also but the belt on too tight bc now it screaches for the first 10 seconds of driving at times. Any ideas of what this could be? Someone mentioned to me spark plugs?

Also, another problem (not sure if its minor or major but i noticed it) when Im driving it throttles if i dont go up to the 2RPM mark. Ive just kind of dealt with that.

Its a 2 door, 160k miles. It is an automatic. This problem just started about 2 weeks ago when it got cold outside as well.
restarted and got po421
they say its because I just replaced my Battery and the Computer needs to reset but could take up to 500 miles before it will reset
Throttle body, New battery took to dealer charge 187.00 to re program and A up grade in driveabilty What do I replace next?
My electronic throttle control light comes on when I start my car and the temperatures are below 40 degrees, this only happens in the winter, as this is the third winter it's done this. The light will stay on for a few minutes to a little while and go off again and only the check engine light will remain. The car runs normally except that the heater takes forever to warm up and blow warm air, and will blow cold air when driving slower or idling. What could the problem be?
I am told it is a fuse but I have no idea which fuse it would be. Please advise.
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