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While idling, either in park or with my foot on the break my speedometer jumps like i'm going between 10-20MPH. I noticed it tends to do it more often when the heat is on. I was told it would be the speed sensors so I had those replaced and its still doing it. The first time it happened I brought it to the shop, the tranny fluid was 2 qts low and it came back with 2 codes, one for the speed sensors, the other for a gear shift sensor or something like that. Now that I've replaced the speed sensors its coming back with no codes. Please help I have no clue what is going on.

break lights don't work. I've checked the bulbs and fuses. Don't know what else it could be.

i replaced it and it is still jerking when i drive. like it wants to stall out. it also stalls when in park. what now?????

Replaced distributor, crank sensor, tune-up, fuel pump and filter IAC valve, car ran fine. Started dying at corners now will not start (flashed no bus) across the dash. Not throwing any codes. Can you help me?

i have a 1996 chrysler sebring lxi coupe that wont fire. I replaced the distributor cap, rotor button, crank sensor,still no luck. what can i do now?

Temp gauge reads just below the 1/2 mark.
After a few miles coolant is boiling out the overflow tube.
I tried the heater and it will only blow hot after a min or two at 1500 rpm or higher. The radiator fans only kick in after the heater get to the point its blowing hot air.
At idle the fans do not run even tho water is boiling out.
I am wondering if this is a thermostat or a temp sensor.

i need to change the head gasket , water pump and some other parts. my sebring has 111k miles on it and is going to cost me around $2000 they say. and i don't know if i fix the car , if i wont have any problems or if something else will need fixing after all this. thank you

After about 10-15 minutes it's good to go and will start again. This only happens after I drive it for a good 20 minutes, if it's a short drive then the car will start back up.

i want to clear and unclog the drain hose

I was Told prev owner and blown heads twice prior to me buying this told me i had a slow leak in radiator. Ive had car the car overheats if i drive it more than 2 to 5 miles Only when aceleratine. I have let it run for and hour and the temp was fine. I also noticed power loss when starts getting past half mark and ive heard a kind of whine growel sound in engine area on passanger side when accelerating from a thinking maybe Water Pump????? No money to go to shop.....any help Would be appricated

In my 2002 3.0 v6 manual sebring when my foot is completely off of the clutch the car will move but acts as though the clutch is still partially engaged, can someone please help...

A couple months ago, my car started giving me an intermittent check engine light. It would be on for a little while, then turn off. I also had some rough idling when the car started. The CEL is no longer on while driving, but when I turn the key to the Accessory position, the light comes on and flashes 10 times, then stays solid.

More recently (2 weeks ago), my car wouldn't start. I had it jump started and when I got home I noticed that after I shut off the engine something kept turning on/off (which is why my battery drained). Mechanic told me he replaced a relay and smog pump. It worked great . . . for 2 weeks.

The past 2 days I hear what sounds like a fan below the engine running after I've turned the car off. I also smell something burnt.
Tonight, my car would not start (again). Battery appeared fine as all my interior lights worked and so did my power door locks, but when I turned the key I got nothing but flashing interior lights and clicking sounds. After the car got towed home, the battery was drained (again).

Any idea what's going on? Why is something still running when the engine is turned off and how do I fix it?

start car and you smell gas also

I have tried pulling the rubber at bottom to let it drain but every time it rains, it fills up again, plus it never is completely drained. One door panel now has mega rust problem. Car has been in accident.

Lots of issues with this car but trying to make it last a little longer without pouring more money into it...thanks for any help!

how do i fix a clicking noise in the valve`s. the car makes a clicking noise when the car excelerates.

2006 sebring

how do you change the starter on a 2002 sebring 2.7l properly

how can i repair the cruise control on my 03 Chrysler Sebring? it will not turn on or do anything at all. Is there a fuse im overlooking that could be the problem. i looked in the owners manual at the fuse box's and did not see a fuse for cruise control. i would appreciate any guidance with this issue i am having.

Thank You,

First the light by the rear cup holders, then the airbag light stays on at the dash, now my lights stay on on the rear view mirror (map lights) and door lights.

the 2002 sebring blowes the fuse that says (starter/fuel pump) almost everytime the car starts. i have to change the fuse and jump it. if i dont jump it ,it will blow the fuse again.i dont know if it has a bad starter or fuel pump. it may have a loose wire somewhere or a bad battery. can someone please help me. thanx

checked fuses

where are the spark plugs located on a 2003 chrysler sebring coupe lxi 2.4 liter engine

where are the spark plugs located on a 2003 chrysler sebring coupe lxi 2.4 liter engine

One-owner convertible, 2.7L V6, 61000 miles, Eng Svc Light has come on when car is started and remains on. It does not flash. What are the possibilities please? Fuel cap is secure

will start back up but keep dieing after till it cools down

it run good till it warms up then it pulsates a little and dies i replaced the thotle positioning sensor but still same problem can u help me

making a noise

How much will it cost to have someone fix the problem

but does not do it all the time need some idea what to check?