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I installed a new fuel pump module assembly it turns over but it wont go it just cranks and cranks over it acted like it wanted to run and it almost did but when you try to start it it just cranks over
While driving, the car seems to shift to second gear a lil rough. What is this?
we need to know where the computer is?
I have refilled the pump with no result. checked/confirmed to see if the switch is sending electric to motor. It is.when switch is to put top up, no reading when switch is to put top down (?) No sound from Pump or motor at all. some whirs and clicks from doors and dash. Need to at least get the top back up! fixed or not.
replaced master cylinder, both calipers, 1 wheel cylinder, 2 brake hoses, and 5 feet of brake line
Windows get out the way when switch to close top is activated but that's it the roof doesn't move or make sound . Fuses and relays good, swap tested. ?
Need to know where the cars computer is located
Send pictures
Water in floor board
runs rough no acceleration red lighting bolt is flashing
no noise in eng. cooled . only after it is woram up . noise myby a rod.
starts up good but starts idling bad when parked or driving
I have a 2000 sebring convertible that starts hard and stalls after a rain storm. after it warms up it will run great. replace cap rotor and plugs still stalls.
my shop said 1200 dollars
! inside a circle on the panel light comes on what does it mean.
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