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96 Chrysler Sebring jxi convertible 2.5v6
No warnings, speed doesn't matter, and intermittently. Also stumbles or hesitates when I get on gas hard when passing. I've replaced the fuel filter, distributor cap and rotor, plugs, and crankshaft position sensor, cleaned throttle body. I'm looking at cam sensor next but that means I might as well buy a new distributor. $200.00. HELP!!!!
Car was running okay it died all the sudden I have no spark no fuel replace the camshaft sensor didn't make any difference what is my next option
Also my ac need freon, and my starter is bad on my car
It only happens when it runs for 30 to 45 minutes. And engine starts to knock right before it quites running but no knocking after it cools down
What seems to make the problem better or worse? only after it warms up
How long have you had this problem? about two weeks
The lights and fuses are perfect and my high beams or low beams don't seem to turn on what do I do
I have no oil leaks and no oil mixing with water but I am using oil and I know the pcv valve is probably gone bad. I searched the net and car forums for more than two hours for the location of said pcv valve and voila! Nothing. I need a simple picture showing the exact location of the part, please. I even looked up the schematics of the motor, to no avail.
cost struts and bushings
is there anything I can do to fix it? should I take it to a dealer or a mechanic. how much do you think the electronic throttle will cost. Can I buy it from other places than the dealer?
Mechanisms for plastic inserts are supposed to slide out after top is up.
Code 0703 has popped up in my convertible. I replaced the brake switch, checked fuses and replaced the PCM all to no avail. The brake lights work fine, but cruise control doesn't. There are no driving issues and the transmission shifts fine. I need ideas!!
radio comes on and seems to play but no sound
The car won't go when u hit the gas but it will kick in eventually like its not shifting into 3rd gear or overdrive battery light comes on won't go off til u shut car off and turn back on but drive so far comes back on brand new battery
had a alternator put in and i had purchased same day as the alternator was put in it ran. after driving off from the shop it ran great dashed board was cleared off from the engine check light went off as well as the battery icon was off, soon after driving it a
few miles, I decided to stop and get a cold drink and as i put my car in park and proceeded to turn of the car, it kept running sputtered the icon battery appeared along with check engine light ,so i made the choice of drivingc it to where i could have the ability to work on it , so i got to my destanation . i put the car in park and proceeded to turn the key off and it sputtered a lil bit , but then turned off , i was releaved but then again my dash ligts were still on. I was bewildered, not really knowing all the ends and outs , please if theres any one who has had the same the same issues , Ms Bewildered
put in new alternator, pmc control muedel, new battery, my battery light stays on?
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