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Original switch for heating seats is dead. I need to replace it with a standard one. What is the deal with the 2 wires that go to the third pole. On orig switch says pos and neg on 3thrd pole. Read on this site that the 2 wires (white and red/white) sends a signal to a controller ?? on my standard 3 pole switch (has led inside) how do i connect it ?? is it ground wired or is it a switch in the middle of a 12 v rail? thanks
When I press my button on my key phob to remote start my car, the car honks twice and start up but only runs for about 2 minute then shuts off ( it should run for 15 minutes). IT was fine last year.
Tried pulling out Iod fuse its reset for a second then defaults to defrost again, to get the code ac 50 I put the switch to defrost temperature to cold and blower switch to any number but 0.
My 02 christler sebrings climate control has no power to it,checked fuses all cine what else could it be?
good what co
Bought car couple weeks ago,been sitting a good while & without a hood. When last owner purchased car it needed a distributor. I helped install it and ran fine. Months later they hadn't done anything with so i bought it. Wouldn't start and had no fire. Did basic test and checks..fuses good..power to distributor..fuel pump primes.. I've now changed distributor again cause last one had small crack..installed new plugs and still nothing. Need help fast.. Girlfriend about have baby soon.what do I do to figure why no spark
2006 Sebring convertible top goes down with no problem. It will not go up. Cannot even hear the motor run? Any ideas?
Over heats quicky in park..but seems to be normal temp under regular driving
Car won’t start
Car sat for months without being used. Would not start. Jump started with portable jump starter. Drove 10 miles, shut it off. Won't start again even with jump starter. Clicking noise when key turned in ignition
2006 sebring front oil seal keeps poppimg out was told crankshaft endplay
Car will not shift out of second hear. Cuts off sometimes. Check engine light on.
The battery on my 05 sebring is under the wheel well and I need to know what size of replacement battery It takes because it's smaller than a normal car/small truck/van battery
the water pump was replaced after it ran hot 2 retimed and now when i reach 2500 the engine act lime the rev limiter kicks in at 2500 even in drive cam sensor new
What cause a engine to shut off without warning and want start back up nothing. It has done this twice but first time after battery it ran for 2 days.
2010 chrysler sebring. Transmission works fine.
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