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install a new radiator fan assemble but fan does not operate

I got code 0344 told me cam sensor. Replaced that. It didn't help. What else can it be? Now I do the key thing and it gives me no codes...

car uses a quart or 2 of oil in between oil changes probably normal. the car has 135,000 miles on it and i just had timing belt and water pump changed it idles rough but runs decent once you get has kind of a carbon smell from tailpipe but not oily

was driving on highway when pt cruiser when it lost all gears

PT Turbo Limited edition purchased for granddaughter last week with 19,071 orig. one owner miles. (backed up by Carfax.)
Because of future low miles less than 5,000 per yr. Time wise when should the following be flushed due to age not mileage: coolant? brake fluid? power steering fluid? transaxle (Automatic ATF and or filter)?

Manual transmission. I can't find any leaks.

Car was running fine and quit running while driving. Had bad crankshaft and camshaft sensor codes. Replaced both and still want start. And still has bad camshaft sensor code. Please help.

The engine light comes on and the car acts like the fuel injectors are not working. I have tighten the fuel cap up and the car runs with the engine light going off. This occurs periodically

I want to remove the center armrest so that I can have it repaired?

This morning woke up to go to work I put the key in my pt cruiser 2.4 turbo and it didn't wanna start keys just turns but does not make any starting sound it just turns but won't start

My instrument panel not working. speedometer, air or heating condition, odometer, the entire instrument panel

It's been overheating only when it's on and sits for awhile. We put a new radiator In it. Last time it overheated we shut it off and when we went to turn it back on it would want to start but won't fire. What things could it be?

Hi!! MY 2003 PT cruiser blew a fuse (plug inside) and it's not a fuse under the dash. Where is it located under the hood?

Thank you
Sheila Ferace

Can't reach the bottom port from the top

Every time I hit a bump it sounds like the front end is coming out from under it .that is the only time it does this . THANKS TIM

When I turn my /c knob to the left for face air the knob wants to rebound back. It will only go as far as 12 o clock position then when max a/c is turned on sounds like some valve is trying to open making a knocking noise and air only comes out of defrost vents!!

My car all of a sudden does not shift, the speedometer doesn't work and my convertible top did not go up all at the same time. Meanwhile my turn signal doesn't work and it's not the bulb. I had a dealer say it was the ecm and tipm which would be a total of $2,000 to fix. Can I get this posted or advice?

I have a 2005 PTCRUISER with approx.57,000 miles. When I try to crank I get clicking like bad battery but then it cranks. Acts like weak battery. Had battery checked at parts store and said results were "BATTERY MEETS OR EXCEEDS INDUSTRY SPECIFICATIONS BUT LOW ON CHARGE."RESULTS :GOOD-RECHARGE VOLTAGE-12.56V MEASURED- 453CCA RATED-500CCA. When it does crank I let it run(charge) for approx.20 minutes. After it sits about 1 hour I have the same problem ! Posts have been cleaned thoroughly. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

With a yellow cap it says on the top special engine a hose is running somewhere in the front are there that engine the oil I don't know what is that container please..

This has been happening for a week now. Speed doesn't seem to make a difference.

got into the car and it started and then died. did this about 5 times. finally my son came and moved some possibly the battery and starter. wires under the drivers front fender . after finding them loose, it started alright and was driving home and noticed that the air bag light was going on and then off. afraid now to drive it after hearing people have had them shut down while driving down the freeways.

Power steering reservoir is level as full.

it seems turning the key i get no play and no sound when it was hot it didnt start later tryed when cool at night it started

the car has 110000 miles on it. it's used and drives fine but my key keeps getting stuck