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was adding fluid to reservoir. it helped for awhile

I would like to know about how long the repair takes

Engine want turnover

i was going about 20mph when i heard a rattling sound coming from the engine, by the time i got my window down to listen better , the motor shut off.

This dodn,t happen all the time

This problem just started

When I accelerate are slow down I hear a whining sound constantly

This occurs like every month!!! It's crazy

I have the alternator completely lose I'm trying to take it out thru the passenger side wheel base do I drop the axle to take it out

car did want to crank when driving started jurking

Sometimes has water in it other times dry.

fuses in fuse box are all ok, is there other fuse box

Pulled the fuse but still happening . Sounds like noise is in back doors and trunk . Been going on all day . With key out and car off .

On July 25, 2016 at 3:50p it was working fine and then at 6:00p I tried to open it and it would not pop open. My key does not open the trunk only the keyless entry thing does...

my pt turbo convertible cruiser is 2005 having oil fight come on the oil is full and has just been changed.
then it will go off during my drive. then when this was happening going up a mountain a beeping signal would beep somedtimes one time and sometimes 3 times straight. then after a visit of several hours with mom, we went down the mountain and it did not beep neither did the light come on the entire drive. now, the car had not been driven for a couple of weeks. could that present a problem? Please if anyone knows I would appreciate an email from them and th

Orig code po700 po882 from autozone drive home then no start! Dealer doesn't know prob! I need my car and now out of $ any help would be appreciated!!!! Can jump starter it turns over still car no start

What has caused this? Now where to I look?? It's a dead cat now :(

i have also turned the car off sat 5 to 10 mins started it up and continued to driveand the needle never went past normal range why? sometimes with heater on the needle will slowly fall again why. what should i check?

Do you think I should get a new multi switch

we let it down wont go back up

It was fine last night but won't turn today. I tried my spare key

I have a PT Cruiser 2001 and it's running hot I I want to know if it's bad will
the steam come out the radiator cap

Car sputter then cut off it runs sometimes then stops also notice when its very hot outside it starts then shut right off then hard to crank

Fuses are good, headlights good, NO highbeams and no fog lights (I don't care much about high beams/fog) we need help in troubleshooting the brake lights dilemma.
2001 Chrysler Pt Cruiser 5 speed. We just bought this car today and would like for it to be legit. I personally love my Subaru 5speed(:
Thank you

But the top break light works what could be wrong.

I can't see how the connector is attached/locked on and I don't want to break it by pulling hard.

Car just won't start has good battery all working.

When I am at a stop, there is always some part of the car that is vibrating very loudly, but stops as soon as I apply gas. Why?

When I slow my car, it sounds like birds, it kind of squeaks the more I brake. Why?

When I put the key to accessory to just listen to the radio, the check engine light comes on, however I dont think heres anything terrible wrong with the engine. Why does this happen?