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Went to the store came out would start but not fire. 4 days later was able to start and drive home; turned off tried to restart no fire. Changed the coil pack started right up turned off can not hear the relay kick on and will not fire. This is my only transportation I haven't had it but a couple months I really need to figure out what's wrong. I do not want to nickel and dime myself I can not afford that. Please someone help me. Desperate 2 kids and no vehicle makes it really hard especially when your staring right at one that just won't run.
mechanic reported to me this is the problem.
After installing two new Lower Control Arms, sway control arm links and bushings the car now has a steering slack of about 10 degrees left and right of center. This slack is present with car static engine off, static engine on or while driving but, the car seems to track straight.
Car may have been driven some years, inadvertently, with bad rearmost bushings (vertical bolt one) on both sides. Decided to have new LCAs.
2001 PT Cruiser Limited 2.4L, Automatic Trans, 104,000 miles
Have owned form 13 years and would like to keep it going.
2005 PT Cruiser -- when unlocked a loud click reminder noise sounds if I am inside or outside with

the doors shut (unlocked) HELP PLEASE how do I turn this click off
Almost every time I start my 2006 PT Cruizer Limited Edition it blows a thick cloud of white/gray smoke. It smells like burnt oil.
New water pump.timing devil added as head gasket is leaking. Won't stop overheating..93k miles.mechanic says time to let it go. Won't get my investment back to repair head gasket etc. What do I do?
I just bought a 2008 PT Cruiser, that leaked Anti

on driver side floorboard!! It blew white smoke through the vents. Checked Radiator, was ok, cannot find any leak

Mechanic has check for leaks
It' happened yesterday for the 1st time but finally started. But today it would not start. It turns over like it wants to start but it's out of gas or maybe flooded. Oct never had to push the gas peddle to start the car. Only turn the key and out would start
My car doesn't always start when I turn the key its like I have to push the key in the ignition really hard and turn it hard to start... I was wondering if its an actuator pin or just the ignition switch tumbler that the auto parts store told me.
Their is no videos showing how to remove it on a 2008. 2008 is different than all the other years.
Fixed first time drove for about a month and and it blew again
All gears work but reverse. When I put it in reverse I hear it go in gear but when I push gas it just sits there. Around about how much wild it cost to get fixed and is it a big job.
Brought to car dealership for AC charge was working fine and cold but sitting in traffic AC would get warm.
Dealer said Removed old freon and put in new. Now doesn't blow cold at all.
Terminals chorode regularly and even after cleaning them, the car acts as if the battery is dead. Battery shows full charge. The black cable on positive terminal is torn where wires are exposed some.
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