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do you have to reset the code after part is replaced?
slow . I had newver noticed it before but now its louder and other people can hear it too. I've heard axle, struts or posssible shocks. What to do? I'm all tapped out. Will I have to get both sides done. Noise only on right front.

Engine won't start. Won't turn over. Accessories all work. New battery.Good connections on battery. No clicking. Starter solenoid not getting power. 30 amp ignition fuse good. Starter relay good. What else could it be?
Before I put the fan and thermo in , the overflow use to bubble and loose fluid. After I replaced them the overflow still bubbles but don't loose fluid but the radiator does. Before the radiator didn't loose runs hot ( 2002 pt)
I have to hold it manualy
the temperature light stay on even when cold. I replaced the temp switch and thermostat with no success. Any suggestions?
No diagnostic codes no loss of oil there is a oil leak in the back of the engine no coolant in the water
If so, I changed the low speed rad fan relay and it still won't run with a/c until the engine thermostat turns it on.
I fiddled with the fuel cap and after a couple of runs. It went off. Then one night, light came on again, this time it went into limp mode. I had transmission service and a new celinoid? $500. A couple of weeks later, on comes the light and limping again. Stops limping when I stop and restart. Tonight, I played with the fuel cap again and after a couple of runs, off goes the light. So confused by all I'm reading. Single female with no advisor........ Is it possible for this to be a faulty fuel cap?
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