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I have replaced the multi switch signal switch also replaced the light socket twice and replaced bulbs still haven't been able to get work and don't know what else I need to do please advise if possible
the transmission is stuck in the drive position. shifter is loose.
shifting hard but does not do it all the time
I turn off AC and turn on heat to keep temp down to get home. Have checked radiator system. Happens during heat of summer.
I had my dead battery replaced and now the auto locks, A/C, and Radio don't work?

The keypad will sound the horn like I'm locking my doors but the locks don't move, they have to be manually put down or opened with key.

The A/C blows hot air.

And there is no power to the radio at all.

How do we fix this??
It has only done this in the last is not the color, just the shiny surface
starts to surge then shuts off after 10 mins starts up again
my oil light will stay on until i restart my car and then it will go off. can i still drive the car, or what should I do. The light will no go off until i restart the car.
Installed new air temp sensor due to code . hard to keep car running on cold start and has high idle at warm temp around 3000 rpm and fluctuates back and fourth installed new sensor and high idle remains once computer registers that its a new has been installed ...any ideas would be appreciated also code remains with new sensor
Happened going down road,pushed clutch,shifted from3rd to4th and it was as though i didn't take my foot off of the noise,no rattle or anything odd.
plus the right turn signal flashes fast, but both bulbs do come on.
While driving there was a loud noise like a bump/as if I hit something under the car. Now there is a rattling sound, when I hit a bump, on the right side front tire. Any ideas what this could be?
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