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I have a 2004 PT Cruiser 2.2 crd and for some unknown reason after a day or 2 I have to jump start the car as the battery has run low. Once driven it's fine but why is this happening. There are no warning lights on the dash so what could be causing this.

Should I add more oil?

My neighbor has a problem with his PT Cruiser. The car won't always start, and if it does, frequently stops within a few blocks. The security light is always on, and he's already had a new key programmed at a dealer. He opens the door with the key fob, so I would think that the security should turn off.

is the Idle air sensor bad or need to be cleaned ?

mine is not near the thermostat there is a blank hole

mom was coming home from work when the car over heated. My dad thinks it may be the thermostat but he has never worked on a pt cruiser before.


I am hearing a growling sound underneath at the right front tire and it was taken to a GM dealership maintainence where they said the same thing but I am going to have the work done through my local mechanic

don't know what happened, is it belt, is it pump,can anyone give me an idea and how much it might cost? problem has never happened to date. no diagnostic code for that. what would have made it happen so suddenly?

My wifes PT Cruiser has not been shiftig gears. I looked at the TCM yesterday and that looks caroded. It has rust and looks like battery acid (old battery had lots of acid before replaced)
I am very limmited on cash so a repair shop is out of the question. I figure I replace this and hope for the best.
Has this happend to others? Not shifting gears unless I stop and resart the car.
If so what was the outcome?

every time the engine started was completly off.l ask dealer it say should come on and come off after few seconds but the prblem l have was completle off.

Timing belt was replaced 20,0000 miles ago. Was charged $800.00 for water pump and thermostat replacement at a Chrysler/Chevrolet dealership. Had been quoted a $500 labor charge just before Christmas 2012. Went back April 2013 after 9am monday morn. They kept car 5 days and then had the nerve to tack on another $9.00 after check had already been written.Had asked for total w/taxes up front before saying do the job. Thanks for your answer.

Short distance it will go 65 mph what could be wrong

I replaced pump 6 months ago and was fine then went out, replaced again and quit working out on way home

Getting a new battery, but that's not it. We tried to jump it and it didn't work. But the lights and radio worked for a bit. Changed the fuses, didn't work. Don't know much about cars but follow directions well.

seems to happen when i go up a hill and have to push on the gas

cruise control light come on and off

gear shifter just moves around no gears

but no code pops up. Engine light does come on

Trans rebuilt and as been at trans shop going on 5 times seems to pop out of gear and will not go back in. shifter seem to be working fine could this problem be in transfer case or how cv joints couple to it. NEED HELP has any one had this problem before

Trans has been rebuilt and shop can't seem to figure it out

change thermosta,had radiator check, it holding pressure, water pump is ok, raditor fan ok

Problem is accuring more frequent and the check engine lite stays on until I go to auto service and they put it on the sensor machine.

Car will be fine and then starts bucking. Is becoming more frequent. Had it checked several times at auto places and still no reading on sensor.

I have no isea what this is or what it does anyone know?
what is trac ON/OFF on a 2001 pt cruiser

I am puting on a new head gaskey and while i had head off i would like it to be check with the vales to make sure they ok what would be a ruff cost to do that

How can I findout if the recalls on my PT Cruiser have been fixed?

The heater get baely warn in the windshield and is cold around the toe area. The Chrysler dealership charged me $90 to tell that I MIGHT need to drain and get new antifreeze in the car and have the thermostat replaced for a total of $430.00. That MIGHT fix the problem. For that price I probable wont let them fix it but I feel like they charged me to much to tell me that .

It seams to handle Better if the trac light is not light.

looking for arebuild kit for the turbo