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It's coming from the back of the car to
The tail pipe
the three codes show up twice when i pull the codes was woundering if this could be the ecm going bad
I just got a PT cruiser and the tranny wines when you put it in gear. But as long as it's winning it moves ,when it stops winning it wont move. I got the engine code p0700, then p0701,p0702,p0703,p0704 for incorrect ratio. Do I drop the pan and change the filter and oil or do I drop the tranny and replace it? It almost sound like it's starving for fluid like a power steering pump does. The car has 120,000 on it
When I start it I hear click click click click. Try again, Click Click rrrrnph start. Sounds like the starter is not engaging.
the powertrain control module (pcm)
When bought did check heat and went to test and found core hose unattached and linked together
Subframe is rotted through on one side. I'll be paying $630 total part and labor. That is, for the replacement subframe and the labor to remove the old subframe and put in the replacement. Sound about right? Thank you!
I had the oil and filter changed on it. If I let the car idle for awhile with every single component off turn off the car and re start it, it will shift fine, and other times as I shut off the car when I restart it, it won't shift.
I was driving and the engine of my 2001 PT Cruiser made an odd noise and then the AC had trouble getting cold. I set it for outside air which seemed to work. Or my way home I switched back to inside air and it continued fine. Thankfully my trip was maybe 5 miles round trip. When I got home there was a gurgling nose from the front of the car so I popped the hood and watched the coolant pour out of an unconnected hose at the bottom of the engine. How expensive could this be to fix?
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