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relay switch. so, it almost turned over, but it didn't and the check enjine light stays on,can you give me any other suggestions Thank You in Advance!
Motor,checked relays,No smoke or sweet smell from exauhst,only loosing coolant from overflow (It appears) No heat when heater is turned on & was told water pump & belt were replaced! Used K&W in case bad gasket or cracked block,No change,still overheating! If pump was replaced, could the teeth be off by one & cause this?
wont shift even manually
I've tried replacing the bulb and fuse. Nothing happened. Been like this for 3 weeks now.
my locks keep on clicking on and off after its in the closed position ?
Every time I start pushing on gas it will hesitate then take off and not do it again until I stop and take off again.
Before it happened she drove car Ina big puddle of water..during a rain storm.
I was low on fuel yesterday when I drove to the store. When I came out, the car would turn over but not crank; I added fuel from a gas can (slightly over a gallon) and car will still not start.
just wondering if it was the battery? cause no warning lights or anything gave a hint that something was wrong. never had this happen before battery light would come on with another car i had before the battery stopped. but this time on my 2010 pt cursier no light came on or anything is this normal? and could it be the battery?
This usually happens when the outside temp is high and the car has been driven for some time at road speeds. Sometimes it will stay on until the engine cools off
The dials went back and forth. I pulled off the road. Turned it back on and it was fine. This morning it did the same thing without the dials moving. I stopped, restarted. Is there something wrong in the gas line?
I was told the right side of the 'subframe' has a 'rotted' area and that it will continue to rust. I need to know how much a replacement 'subframe' and the labor to replace it will cost. Thanks.
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