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When I up shift and give gas, too much, or what I usually give it in gas, causes it to bog down and sometimes backfire. Seems to cut out and causes check engine light to come on temporarily. I let off gas and it works fine. Any direction?

replaced , waterpump , thermostat ,cap , upper and lower radiator hoses.does this when driving half hour or more.

Code 352 won't go away

turn signals windshield wipers and headlights will not dim. all stoped working, what could this be?

The compressor is under warranty, as is the evacuation of the system and refrigerant recharge, etc. The condenser is not under warranty. How much extra time will be for the condenser? And if you can, about how much should I be charged for the part. They already replaced the evaporator coil and this will be my third compressor.

The oil has been changed every 3000 miles or so and we even replaced the spark plugs!I was told the've never seen plugs so worn concidering their was only around 65,ooo miles on the car. Goes through alot of oil. Engine came on for the first time recently while pulling a hill, and then went off. Popped on again briefly a day or two ago. We've used STP, WHICH DOESN'T SEEM TO HELP.

ok we have replaced the battery, changed one relay 0-500 was the code, when you turn the key to try to start it nothing but the relays start making this funny noise and each time you remove one the next one starts making the same noise and so on the car was running fine the night before the next morning got to go to work and nothing also the computer will not read the code meter it says no link then it says everything is ok but is not

someone told me to check ground wire by the fuse box but I can't find it. Could you please tell where to look. He said something about a Bus Bar Thank You

The a/c blows warm and the engine runs rough at idle. When I accelerate as from a stoplight, the a/c blows cool and the engine runs fine.

Battery good,all dash lights,come click,no turn during day.

THE ac works fine.The fan works fine.WHEN you turn on heat it bowes but no hot air.

Fuse blows up right after the car is started, if it doesnt blow the car can be driven all day...

fog lights stay on all the time.

I have talked to several people with a P.T. cruiser & they all say they have problem with the same thing,why has there been no recall on this part??? you can't replace just the bushing you have to replace the whole sway bar & thats very expensive

not turbocharged model.
Thank you,

No brake lights

I replaced the water pump and timming belt, the engin starts but has a miss. i know the camshafts did not move, but the crank might have,not sure. But now it has a miss. Is there a way to sychro the crank and cams, or a way to time the engin.
i can not find any thing in chiltons. can you help me, thanks

just two of them

replace two

Water leaks into car on front passenger side into the foot well.

The temperature displayed is incorrect and consists of what looks like partial numbers.

dealer has replaced steering column. Seems to be ok. Is there a recall for this? Mechanic says they've seen problem before. Says it is some little piece of plastic that breaks and can't just be replaced by itself.

I have a 2.5 non turbo and it idles rough, I have replaced all sensors and IAC motor still runs rough at idle speed and smooths out on acceleration.Any ideas?

leaking from the steering arm

Repair shop computer says"transmission sensor 2".What does this mean?

Tried unhooking the battery cable to recalibrate computer. didn't work.

Its worsened everysummer so i cant use air .it runs rough when its run very long. Ive had trottle cleaned,replacedcamposition sensorand low pressure cycling switchand low engine cooling fan. Three shops cant figure it out.HELP... the main shop i used said own brother had same problem with same car and yr. He gave dont show anything and engine lite has come on 3 times then gone of with in days.any ideas?

i need to know how much time dose it take to put a water pump on and labor cast in my area and how much is the water pump saling for.

When driving the car after about 15 to 20 miles, the engine management light comes on and the car goes into limp mode. I have been and had the car put on a fault finder and it states that the 'Air intake temperature sensor' is at fault but what is it and where is it located.
Is it also safe to drive with this fault so not to cause any further damage.

i can't find a leak anywhere. it was suggested to me that it may be a fin or something that cameloose in the catalytic converter. setting still racing the motor it won't make the noise, but when the engine is cold and under acceleration you can hear it. it runs great but makes that noise. any ideas?