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Cylinder # 4 miss fire detected
I am looking for the EGR valve
It will keep running but won’t actually start.
Also every once and a while it loses power if the rpms go above 2 and half and it jumps and misses
2001 pt cruiser, The car will shift through the gears if you stay really easy on the gas, it shudders pretty bad when I give it much more than above idle, and will stick in 1st. Turn car off and it will shift through with idle like throttle and with minimum shudder. This is 2001 pt cruiser.
My 2006 PT Cruiser engine light came on when I turn it on in the morning. It makes rattling sound under the hood on the right passenger side and the engine light came on. I just had a water pump put on and a timing belt kit. It ran good for awhile now it run kind of rough. Could the timing belt be out of time? It was running hot the reason I got the water pump and leaking antifreeze. Need answers to help solve the problem.
A rattling noise under the hood on the right passenger side. Te check engine light starts to flash and stays on. What could be the problem for the noise and engine light staying on. My PT Cruiser has 150,000 mileage. Could it be the timing belt? I had just had a water pump put on and he put a timing kit on. Could that be the problem. It ran good for awhile now it run kind of rough. Please help need some answers!
all the warning lights on the dashboard flash, the speedometer, fuel gauge etc flicker, there is a loss of power and very occasionally the car will actually cut out
Double clutching does not help
just keep turning over
My check engine light came on went off. ? May i go to auto zone and use machine for code to tell me why?
there is no pattern just every so often. as i mentioned it happen three times in 10 miles. There is no unusual sound and the engine runs fine.

I was driving down the road and realized as I got to higher speeds that I couldn't get out of first or second gear. Then I noticed that when I slowed down the oil light came on. I checked the transmission fluid and oil and they were both fine... There's no leaks. It doesn't always do this. When is doesn't the car shifts smoothly and runs great. Oil and transmission fluid are clean.
Car runs fine but hear air sound when accelerating at higher rate of speed. Checked hoses and air filter box to make sure it’s closed.
1) Car operates fine with A/C off.
2) Car temperature rises toward hot mark when A/C is on. Have never let it get to Hot/overheat condition.
3 In cool/cold weather (car is in Las Vegas) the heater does not blow real hot, blows cool at best.
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