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auyo zone says i need to do a drive cycle what speed and what time
It only occurs when on second gear. Ist and rest gears go smooth except for second it gives a hard jerk
Did it once ran fine then did it again engine light came on and would not drive more than 20 mph
Car isn't engaging in to gear then does loud air noise when I hit the gas
2005 pt cruiser convertible, I’m having an issue with the front passenger side marker light. It will not turn on all other lights including the turn signals work fine even the turn signal in the inoperative marker light works. Bulb is good along with the bulb socket. Tried grounding the light with a 12 volt light tester but still no dice, the bulb will not turn on.
We replaced the cam shaft sensor after having the car diagnosed it said can shaft and crank shaft sensor then wouldn't start we replaced the starter with a new one still the car just clicks when you try to start it
My key touch pad will no longer open the hatch , how can I get it open?
oh lights dome light boot light not working
The car started before changing the gaskets water pump radiator THEM sta now car will not start
Have a new radiator , fan , thermostat . Radiator fluid is coming out Reservoir bottle . What is this from ?
It goes up to full and back down to empty when key comes on but stays on e all the time.
This has only happened once I was driving about 5 miles per hour my car has been in tip top shape not hot and all fluids were full then it sounded like I hit a tire or something in the road it was real fast clunk clunk it was dead and won't even crank
Car runs rough. Had complete tune air filter, spark plugs, wires, coil replaced. & injectors cleaned, still after engine warms up engine has mis fires & power loss. What direction of repair next
When I drive I can feel like a tire has a bubble bit all my tires are good a slo I changed the fan belt but it still.sqeals when I turn the air on help
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