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Clanking noise like a bolt is rattling around up front of engine if your outside looking in engine up front where that aluminum cover is and when ignition is turned off I can hear a winding down of that area

Turn the key sometimes it starts sometimes it won't

have a overheating problem with the cooling system. Engines light on. Want to pull codes to see what the problem might be

car died at 55 mph after engine light chimed one time
car would rank not start,

thermostate, check, fluid change and radiator checked. Engine continues to stay hot.

I put transmission fluid in after a trip to SC and back. It started buzzing and shifting slow. I put transmission fluid and it shifts better but it the buzzing
under my feet that bothers me too. What is that?

2001 PT Cruiser Alarm light flashing off and on after turning key and says done on odometer.

2001 PT Cruiser won't start and need to know how to repair the neutral safety switch.

Then when I turned on the air conditioning the check engine came on and it didn't want to shift right

Going down the road and it starts dying and then after a couple of seconds it starts going again, the car only has 35000 miles. The check engine light dose not come on so I cant get a code on it.

Happens anytime of day. Oil light comes on in start position. Hooked up to diagnostic shows nothing wrong. Also dies while driving. Have not been able to hook up to diag while car was off. Replaced battery.

1st time ever happened

had timing belt and water pumped replaced on 3/302017

fine until about a month ago, check engine light came on, after filling with gas.

not blinking, have driven the car until now and added gas one more time, still on

I have a 2005 pt cruiser touring edition, automatic transmission. It doesn't happen all the time, but lately when i'm driving the transmission does not change gears when in drive. it runs about 3500-4000 rpms @ 40 mph. I have run a diagnostic on it and they said it was transmission control module issue (sorry, i don't remember the exact code). It happens about 50% of the time.

My fog lights comes on and at time the panels lights are on and my battery is competely dead. And I do not how this happens

It will stop after a while.
How do I disconnect the switch or bypass it.

Checked fuses, they are all good

Rolled my pt cruiser threw flooded water the other night. And now all it does is light up but won't crank up. I hear a funny low fading peeping sound and that's all. And before all this my oil pressure light would come on but np low oil.

car turning over but want crank

My car locks are going off and on automatically without me pushing any buttons

When i hold gear shifter manual trans i feel it moving and it pops out of gear if i do not hold it in

2.)need top piece on dashboard part cost and installation cost?

The alert sound is beeping (like the beep with no seat belt) but nothing is lighting up on the dashboard. I tried hooking up to handheld to get a diagnostic code and nothing came up.

Car failed emissions, was told some monitors were disabled and can,t be read, so it failed

Ive been to dealership twice to have the fobs programmed, but they cant do it. what can I do to make system work?

car overheats and blows coolant out have a boiling sound when car is cut off

Both back lights is not working, have changed the light bulb still not working, but all other lights is working,brought the car to pep boys and they told me to bring it to the dealer that it's electric problem.

Brought the car to Pep Boys said it's electrical work told me to take it to the dealership about how much will it cost to get it repair

Now started leaking again no fluid in it started making noise and I seen smoke coming out

I've checked oil, transmission, coolant and steering fluids look normal.