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I understand it to be 2 front coil struts/shocks, and 2 rear this correct
Overheating, have checked to make sure both fans kick on, replace thermostat, radiator cap, sensor, flushed radiator, pressure tested radiator, cleaned out all debree from in front of radiator , still overheating
Fixed the oil sending pressure sensor. New themastat all fuses and throttle body no electricity to fuel pump. Tried hot wirre to fuel pump it works but doesn't get to engine
My 2004 PT Cruiser 5 speed has been running rough. It started when I almost ran out of gas. Made it to a gas station as it started to spit and sputter. After that, At 1/4 throttle it was running fine but if you pushed the gas any further it would bog out like it was not getting gas. You could slowly ease the pedal down further but it took like 5 minutes to get to 60 mph. If you revved it up and dropped the clutch in 1st or 2nd you could pish the pedal to the floor and keep it there but the instant you get to cruising speed and let off, it would start bogging out again. The other day, it died in the middle of an intersection. It started back up and made it through the intersection and died again. Now it will not restart. Have checked plugs and wires, they are good and it is getting spark. Does it have an inline fuel filter that could have become clogged or am I looking at replacing the fuel pump?
The check engine symbol blinks when at idle and in drive. The check engine symbol goes solid when driving
A.c. and heater stopped working the a.c. is blowing out warm air and the heater is blowing cool air. Need to know what I can do to fix this problem. Also when I stop and turn the car off I hear a bubbling noise..
I change fuel pump camshaft position sensor coil pack crank sensor new battery and clean battery post even check caylack converter it not stop up my pt cruiser starts die won't crank I turn key of it spin an the same over an over what could it be need help on it about to loose my job because I can't get to work half the time thank you for your advice and time
Brand new battery and alternator! Sparks when putting cables back on battery and yes I double checked myself hot on hot negative on neg. No corrosion what's next??
Shop quoted a replacement for timing belt, pulleys, water pump, spark plugs, battery, and an oil change at $1288 on a 2007 PT Cruiser. Does this seem like a fair quote?
Oil dripping from the shield under the motors passenger side, does not appear to be from the oil plug or oil filter?
Jumped out of gear going down road .won't pull now
Going down road just stoped pulling
When cranking over,something is making a weird sound to the starter,after it started the first time,it ran great,when i shut it off,the top radiator hose was hard and it wouldn't start back up but will crank,it has 242,063 miles
2007 PT Touring Cruiser. Lift gate latch button inop. Will open up with key! How do I check it out to see which part needs to be fixed or replaced!
Check engine light came on, I have had it for one week. Had it checked codes are P0302 and P0014. Warrenty is for 15 days, should take back to dealer? Are these codes serious? And how much would the repairs be
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