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After u forced it I to hear did you ever have problems with it after that?
blew off top radiator hose. replaced it. this time car over heated steam was coming out of overflow tank. replaced radiator cap, still car over heats
Alarm won't stop even when i put key in switch have to disconnect battery or wait a while for it to stop on it's own
I'm trying to put my ignition back together
When starting the car there is a flap sound that makes a knock noise when accelerator is pressed right away and runs rough like the air flow sensor isn't working no power
tried the shifter override and didn't work. still wont move out of park?
When starting to accelerate truck it will take time to accelerate especially in hills, after a while then it will accelerate normal but every day it keeps doing it now will take its time to accelerate normal
About to replace my alternator and the car needs some encouragement ATM when starting so and with seeing info about this plunger as i ship for an alternator I'm starting to think it's a good idea to replace both at the same time
How do I get the gas cap light off? I tried buying a new gas cap. Fixed for a day, then came back on and stayed on.
It burns oil i have to have the windows down and it smokes through the air vents and the oil light flashes i check the oil and i have it changed every 5,000 miles
I had it look at they told me it was the battery I got a new one. I also got a gound piece put on. Im.still having problem. All the lights comes on. It just wont click to start If turns over it just wont start
2006 crysler, pasifica
Change oil pc valve and hose yesterday and its leaking water.
It is running on high again. What is the problem?
every time I try to start my car I need to spray starter fluid in the throttlebody so it will start and run
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