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We removed the ignition switch on a Chrysler pacifica 2005 we put a new ignition switch in it but it still want start and we don't know why

What seems to make the problem better or worse? We put a new ignition switch in it but it still want start
How long have you had this problem? 2 day
My wife put the car in park and now we can't get it to shift out of park. We tried the override button and that didn't even work. Someone said there was a spring inside the shifter that may have broken. What would the cost be for the part and how much labor should I expect to pay for the repair?
When we add refrigerant it last for a short time. Then blows hot again. What might cause this?
Windshield wipers and window are not operating. Cannot get vehicle out of park. The window relay is clicking when the ignition key is turned on.

The radio and heater are working.
2005 chrysler pacifica stuck in park
My front sprayer won't spray. It's working because I left the hood up once I added more fluid and sprayed. Fluid was dripping down but once I shut the hood, nothing...
I put freon in my car now it's jumping act like it's want to cut off when I turn the a/c or the heat on and the air still don't work
The air will blow well and then after a while it will decrease amount of air or stop all together. I have replaced blower motor, worked well for a day and now back to the same issue. Also replace fuses as well as radiator cooling fans.worked fine and now having trouble again after driving for 3 hours.
The very next day it started doing it again.
Always and just bought car
Also lights come on saying my brakes, air bag,oil,abs and various other things need to be checked
it just chugs. also making like a noise underneath like something is loose.struts??
Recently changed the plugs and since then my rediator fans stay on while the car is running and turn off when i tuen off the car did i miss something?
What type of oil is used in this car?
What type oil to use in car
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