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Only when accelerating from a stop. Sometimes more pronounced than other times but consistent.
Now it is stuck in garage, because cannot shift out of park. Starts, ok, but relay clicks syncronously with right foglight, left on does not work because I think it is blown. Tried cleaning grounds, 3 under battery tray but nothing yet.
price for a CV axle
Will not even crank. I've checked the starter, alternator, battery is at 100%, solenoid, relay, ignition switch, I've put an extra ground from the battery to the transmission, got a jump.. Still nothing.

Every once and a while.. The car will randomly start, if I turn it off then on again, nothing.

I'm stumped. Any ideas?
RPM spiked between 3-4, Engine light was on then blinked. Drove about 3 miles to destination. Car felt like it wanted to die, but didn't. Current mileage 108900.
windows wont work either!!!! took it to a place they said the alturnator (sorry baD SPELLING) SO I REPLACED THAT. CAR WAS FINE FOR A FEW DAYS THEN BACK TO NOTHING WORKING. aLL THE LIGHTS ON THE DASH ARE ON SOME PLEASE HELP............SINGLE MOM HERE.tHANKS!
The transmission was just replace and the noise started after I got the car back.
The panel where the heat and ac are is blank and the heat only blows on the floor. I have checked all the fuses and it still doesn't work. It just went blank yesterday.
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