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front or back controles not working only for the back windows front work ok

On each side of the steering wheel behind there are 2 sets of buttons. I was wondering what they are for.

I will have it set to cool and the blower just stops blowing. And at random if will come back on and at random go back off. What could this be?

it comes on everymornig no proplem.but when i turn off the car and restart it fan motor doesnt come on untill i hit a couple of times

cost to replace flywheel if nessary

it just start doing this this morning I started than shifter wont move to drive and the key wont come out of the ignition

The ESP light has come on and I have not hit the button, and removed the switch . It is causing my vehicle to pull to the left and right depending on wether I accell or decell. It is causing me to almost cross over traffic.

I have had it tested. It has enough coolant. We changed the in cabin filter... still off and on cold.. It blows fine just not able to count on the airconditioner to work.

its the standard chrysler radio. i bought a used one with an ipod plug in. i need advice on how to remove the front panel covering the radio and climate controls.

Gas cap light is always on and when cap was replaced the engine light comes on when car is on

The dashboard vinyl cover over the instrument panel, radio and glove compartment....the full width of the car (below the windshield) is separating above the radio and instrument panel. The separating is spreading. Why and how to fix?

Won't register park or neutral it just skips over them on the display when I go through gears with shifter

Also the battery continues to die. I smelled a bad odor like wires burning, but the car would still turn on untill recently. When I jump start the car the lights and radio turn on but when I urn the engine on it just makes a schreeching sound and the check engine light flashes and stays on. What could it be. The car is a 2005 chrysler pacifica touring 3.5L AWD.

cant get an inspection pass

popping noise when turning corners and hitting brakes

I have been have issues with my Chrysler Pacifica. After I have been driving my car for a little while, I notice that the interior and exterior lights will flicker first, then the ABS light will flash and chime, then the radio cuts out while the ABS light flashes. It seems to do this more when the headlights are on at night. What could be the problem?

It never gave me a problem until it just died on me. Had to push it and get it towed back home.

and how much oil will it hold.

my Pacifica has 60,000 miles - should I have the transmission fluid exchanged?

Seems to lose power when accelerating at about 10MPH and again at about 25-30MPH. Also having problems with gas pedal getting stuck.

Originally, the check engine light was on. Had smoke vacuum test, was told it was the gas cap. New gas cap ordered from Chrysler dealer. Next week Gascap error came on, so I took it back. Once the light randomly went off and stayed out for several days then came back on. This was all on the same tank of gas, so the cap had not been taken off. So, I took it back for another smoke test and they can't find the problem. (Had catalytic converter replaced at dealer in 2011 thankfully was under warranty!) Current miles-102,000.

My 2005 pacifica out of the blue just didn't want to start
I put the key in the ignition and it turns all the way to start but it doesn't come on
The dash lights up and everything but t won't come one
Then when I take the key out it stay on in the on position and uses the battery
I was thinking it was the ignition switch but I was wondering if anybody else or someone who has experience on Chrysler knows what it is.

I started my car this morning and it made this weird grinding noise and then started. I drove on to the freeway and started to notice that I was not able to accelerate over 35MPH. The RPMs would move up when I would try to accelerate faster. Do you think it is the cam sensor or an O2 sensor. I need to fix myself. Thanks for the help

Instrument panel would go out come back on and now is completely out and has not restored itself, with that is the complete loss of all gauges; speedometer, rpm, gas....everything! Now the brake lights have both failed, the do not illuminate when depressed. Before all this occured we lost the radio, cd player works but only static with the radio. I dont know if all this is related or not. The car starts and runs fine.

The dealer says its natural all chrylers do it. It is so bad people think my engins on fire

the dealer cant figure it out

The instrument panel in our car (2005 Pacifica) loses all function, all gauges, and backlights. We have no way of knowing the gas level, rpms, speed, engine temp., ect. The panel sporadically will come on and go back out. When it comes back on, all the gauges appear to function fine. When it goes out, it is out for long periods of time. Could this be a bad fuse? and if so which fuse #? It seems like a short but we have no way of knowing. On a side note, if this is any help at all, the radio also stopped working, the CD player is fine. The radio just gets static, but no station. I dont know if these two issues are connected but they began at about the same time. All else is well and love the car!

Replacing engine

I bought my 2006 chrysler pacifica a week ago, 46,000 miles on it! It's not fuses or relay AS FAR AS i CAN TELL. I tried switching relays around and not even a ding sound when I open my door... Yes relay switch it turned on! Some1 told me to reset my keyless entry, only problem with that is my owners manual says "If the key works, the keyless entry is already programmed in and I only have the 1 key! Please help!

This seems to be affecting the fuel guage.