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No hay chispa en la bobina y tampoco hay señal en los inyectores. Al pasar el suich acciona la bomba pera no enciende la camioneta. Hice revisar la computadora y esta bien pero tampoco sale señal del distribuidor. No se si se puede escanear sin estar encendida, solo con pasarle el suich

Seems like it only goes out during warm temperatures. Sometimes I can put on my headlights and the gauge light will come on.

car wont shift,,seems 2 be stuck in 2nd ,,changed filter an fluid an same problem,,can it be one of the sensors on tranny????

I have a 1990 Chrysler Lebaron Conv. I am unable to open the trunk. The key turns in the lock, but the lock will not allow the trunk to open. By the way, the interior trunk lid release is in the disengage mode, so that option is of no use in trying to open the trunk. I need to open the trunk and get inside. How does one get into the trunk? Is there an easy way?

The trunk lid cannot be opened. The key turns, however the lid will not rise. This is the first time this has ever happened. The interior trunk lid opener is in the disengage position, so that option is of no help to open the trunk. This Lebaron is the conv model. Is there anyone who has an idea of how to open the trunk? Is there an easy way?


I was able o get the top down and now the top won'[t come back up. I cannot even hear the motor. It does nothing. I cannot afford a new motor. Can I spray silicon on it to get it back up? What should I do? Anyone have a used cheap top and/or motor?

while driving, everything shut down and the "check gauges light" on the instrument panel lit. I put the car in park and it started, I drove toward home and it happened again within 1 mile. I started it again and got home when it happened again. I garaged it and read the manual which said this light monitors low oil pressure, high engine temperature, and low voltage. The battery is new and I had only driven 2 miles so the engine could not be hot. Don't know about low oil pressure. I had not driven the car for 2 weeks and seldom use it since it is a second car.

My 1990 Chrysler Lebaron runs good, transmission slipping, has a bent hood and needs a new front clip and windshield. Everything else works fine. Any idea of approximate value? Or should i just scrap it for medaL? (about what should that bring me?)

When the car sits for a period the transmission fluid leaks out. The problem is a in the transmission pump.

Do you have to remove the engine to get to the transmission itself

where is the diagnostic code plug located at on a 1992 lebron

Fuel gauge not working. Continous problem. Reads empty or low continously.Don't know wants causeing this problem, Other wise car works find.

on start trans goes up in normal way. when car slows down it goes into a lower gear and then remains there. i must either stop and restart engine or ride in neutral and restart engine to get back into regular gear shifting. happens often. help!!!

recently replaced radiator, thermostat, and hoses. first time I needed heater after that, no, or very little temp output from heater. reservoir full. temp gauge goes up only 1/4 or less up from cold. after pulling long hill or mountain, temp gauge reads 1/2 to 3/4, and heater puts out good heat, but quickly drops to cool as engine temp drops. blend doors on heater work good, all functions, including a/c work great, just cannot get engine temp up to normal(1/2) or better, to maintain heat. engine cooling fan only runs when temp goes high, or on a/c or defrost mode. keep mostly on panel output to avoid fan running. no leaks. any suggestions? problem started after changing parts mentioned earlier. even put back old t-stat, didn't help

what causes smoke to come out when starting the car up and when driving the smoke turns blue.

new battery put in ,turns over then stalls unless i give it gas. Foot off pedal and stalls.battery was dead for a week.

Our pulley went bad and we drove it until one day the belt finally came off and we assumed the pulley had to be replaced. The repair shop told us the Cam Shaft had to be replaced. Does that sound normal and how much wld it cost to replace?

i changed the fluid in my 1994 chrysler lebaron convertable now it wont shift into reverse worked fine before is there something that might of come loose

I have replaced the starter 3 times now and I still get a clicking sound when I try to start it sometimes? Under no particular conditions does it happen... It will start on the first try for awhile ( days, weeks,) and then out of nowhere it will just click. I've had the battery load tested twice and it reads ok. Eventually it does start, but not before I hit the starter, wiggle wires ect. This is a huge problem for me now because my gf keeps getting stranded. I dont want to waste over $100 bucks on another starter if it is not necessary. HELP! Please!

when i drive down the road, the rear window on my Chrysler Lebaron falls down, its a convertible and its the rear window, its either off the tracks or a blown motor, please help me out

Where is the Coolant Temperature Sensor on the Lebaron. It appears to be a repair/replacement that I can do myself.

Is the 3.0L an interference motor

Best way to take out and replace heater core.

I received an estimate of 500-850 for a head gasket job on our 1994 Chrysler Lebaron, is that estimate to replace both head gaskets or one?

All under hood components OK, good flow thru heater core. Suspect blend air door. Sounds & feels like it is operating but cannot get into it to check.Vacuum to heat control OK. Fan running OK. Only get small amount of heat to interior.

Will a car run without the 60 amp fuse (under the hood fuse that goes to the charging system)?

My car goes dead when driving. We have replaced 3 alternators and 1 battery. Sometimes it will start within a few minutes and sometimes not. Replaced alternator and battery this weekend. Started great. Drove it once and it was ok. Drove it 2nd time and it was ok. Drove it 3rd time and it started sputtering and died. Sitting here waiting for tow truck to take it back to mechanic. What the heck is going on???

how to set each side on timing belt on 95 chryselr lebaron

I replaced a slightly leaking Valve cover gasket. This stopped that leakage. Oil appears to be leaking around the oil pan (1qt every 2,000 miles). Besides the oil pan gasket is there a timing belt gasket or other gasket that could be culprit?

Power steering fluid leaks out of car in day or two