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When I turn the key, there is no sound at all. Checked the starter and battery and both are working just fine. A friend told me it sounds like the ignition switch. Could this problem be from something else entirely?
Alternator is charging at 11 volts when connected to the car. The car dies as soon as I disconnect the battery to run solely on the alternator. When I removed the alternator, it put out 16 volts. Also, when left sitting over night the battery will drain. The engine is the 6 cylinder 3.0L and the alternator is the Bosch with a six groove pulley.
Myh A/C is no longer cooling, and I want to try adding refrigerant, but do not know if I need to drain the system first or if I can simply by a bottle from the parts store and recharge the system.
The check engine light is on, and the charging system light will also light up occasionaly. The battery meter shows the system is only at 10 volts. I have replaced the battery and altenator within the last 18 months. If I disconnect the battery while the engine is running it will stop.
I am replacing the radiator and have disconnected the two main hoses and the two AC hoses on the drivers side. There are two morw connected to a block on the passanger side. They run to a cylinder. How do I disconnect these? It appears that there is a single bolt holding the two halves of the block together, can I simply remove that?
Water was gushing out emptying the radiator. Had the water pump replaced by my brother but when he put it back together water still gushes out. any ideas why or what to do now?
Its been a few days now but its on more than its off. Autozone said they cant detect the problem with their diaignostic test. Im wondering if i can be helped in knowing what the problem may be?
it seems like everytime the car warms up to a certain temperature it just dies you step on the accelerator and it acts like its flooding out or something have to check fuel pressure brand new fuel pump in a brand new timing belt runs great for about 7 to 10 minutes I want it gets to a certain temperature it just dies you wait maybe 15 20 minutes and I'll start up again for another 5 minutes running just perfectly and then dies again
Pulled into my drive today,had a wee bit of a problem getting the car in park,once in park I could not remove my key. I can still start and drive the car.
My auto locks stopped working then my windows one at atime other than fuses and window motors what could it be?
Most of the time the heater works but at times not at all
Right when I turn my car on, my transmission goes straight to fourth gear. When I put it in drive, it will drop down to a regular shift. The sound is embarrassing. I have no other problems with the transmission but this. I was told that it was stuck. How can this be fixed?
I have a NEW radiator, water pump, thermostat, upper and lower hoses, and did a heater back flush. Engine temp. operating normal, a/c is turned off, yet heat does not get hot ONLY warm. Any suggestions?
LeBaron has trouble changing gears up hill. It is fine on the freeway and when driving in a higher gear. When it has trouble changing gears up hill it sounds like its going to die then as I come to a complete stop it stalls. Now, it stalls every time i shift from park into reverse or drive. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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