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speedometer reads 75mph when car is going 60mph. Lower speeds are proportionally incorrect
I bottomed out . sparks flew from under car I shut car off .and won't start
I've tried everything but they stay fully open or partially open.
There is a plug off the side of the valve cover. It popped off and oil poured out. Does anybody know what this plug is and why it might have popped out?
the speedometer works. tack, odometer & trip meter don't work. what would make this happen? thought they were all connected.
it doesn't work all the time.
please help
thank you
And nutral but in drive it just reves the motors rpm but wont kick in gear it takes about 45 min to cool down before it will. Drive again on the freeway were the air keeps the radiator cool its fine but stopping and going not alsoi have to run the heater and that keeps the temp down
wife pulled in the driveway it made a noise and died wont start. checked spark ok, pulled timing belt cover ok, fuel pump primes itself when key is turned but it wont start what should I try next? I cant tell if pump is running when its turned over help please!
It shows up only when i hit the brake
The battery wouldn't charge while running. Saw sparks in alternator while running. Replaced alternator. Replaced battery. Did ok for a short time then battery went dead while car sat. Cable sparks when connecting to battery indicating power drain. Is there a common issue similar to this with this vehicle?
The gear selector slide I find is a smooth black plastic piece. The one that came originally was a stepped piece. How do I find that part number and availability?
the battery went dead and it stop shifting and now wont shift out of low.
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