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When car wouldn't start dealer replaced fuel sending unit (and seal) and the engine control module. Now the gas gauge doesn't work. They say they checked their work and want to replace dashboard cluster. Everything on the dash works I think they programmed something wrong.

Recently when I start my Crossfire, a wrench pic with '25' appears initially in the odometer LED. After approximately 15 seconds it disappears and the usual odometer numbers appear. It has 29,780 miles only. It drives perfectly. What repair does it need?

I live in the Melbourne Florida area and I'm looking to either repair or replace the radio in my 2005 Chrysler Crossfire more specifically the CD player

So I ran into the back of someone with this car because my car slid instead of stopping and I don't want to put it on my insurance but was wondering how much it would cost me to pay out of pocket for..all the damage we could see was a hole from my bolt on my license plate...nothing else seemed dented or anything and image were only going 25-30 and then I had to slam on my brakes...would really like to know a estimate on how much they are going to charge him total if anyone would know. Thanks

Starts and runs when cold. When reaches normal operating temp, car runs fine. After stopping & turning engine off, if still warm, will not start until engine cools. Turns over, but will not start. Ideas?

pull handle will open the windows but the roof will not go up or down?

I can usually get it restarted. What's up?

i have 2006 new beetle 2.5 but i really want to change to crossfire. The matter is maintenance cost about crossfire. I saw plenty of review but somebody said crossfire maintenance cost a lot but i can't get it.. is it more expensive then my beetle?? of course maintenance.

My 2006 Crossfire Roadster wont't start.Battery and starting motor OK.How do I test the CAMSHAFT and CRANKCASE SENSORS?The SKREEM MODULE and THE REST OF THE MODULES?I understand that all software shuld have good communication.

At first I thought it was the fan belt the way it sounded. I took the fan belt off and it's coming from the transmission. When the engine is cold 1st 2nd and 3rd gear for the first five minutes it makes a screaming sound, when I let out on the clutch driving down the road. when I let the clutch out with the emergency brake on it will make a screaming sound also. t I cant think of anything else but the throwout bearing. The clutch does not slip. I Only have 65000 miles on the car. does anybody have any idea what it could be, other than the throwout bearing?
When it first started happening it only did it when the engine was cold and then the sound would go away. now it's making this sound most of the time when I let out the clutch and shift gears.

If the car has been setting or driven in the sun, and you want to lower the top or raise (if in the event of a rain, the red light on the console is blinking and the top is inoperative. My local Chrysler dealer has switched positions of the relays on the hydraulic unit within the trunk, but this has not helped. They also checked out the operating switch on the console. They checked for error codes but have been unable to resolve this issue. I am willing to take the car to a dealer within the Detroit area because I have family in Ferndale, MI

or to check it out?

car jerks hard... this is my last hope but dealer says I have to tell them what it plugs into before they can give me a price...they dont know what to order until they know this...siad it could be sensor or several other things. PLEASE HELP ME

Where can I find the answer?

Seat was moved to far back and the controls will not let me move the seat forward or lean the back forward.

on my display panel there is one wench with 300 next to it.

When trying to remove the counsel the manual said to slip the counsel over the emergency break lever however the rubber cover is two large to allow it to go through the opening. Is their some way to remove the rubber cover with out destroying it.

car had not been driven therefore the jump start from AAA. There was a loud, screechy sound when they connected to the battery. discovered later that the radio does not display at a;;

there is no motor function at all