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It turns over but still wont start
car will run if you spray starter fluid in it until it burn off there is fuel at the rail there is power to the injectors don't know if it has pulse i have a code p1680 i replaced a red wire from batt to the alt it was burned someone hook cables up back word
about a 4 inch square plate held with 4 screws. Majorly rusty and need to replace
After 30 minutes of driving I shut it off and restart it ABS light goes off and everything works fine. What is the problem with it?
a hill. It stops if I take my foot off the gas. Didn't do it this morning when the car was cool, but this afternoon it was 80-85 degrees out and it did it on the way home.
Before it would idle really high. It all started after changing the intake manifold gasket?
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