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I have power to everything else but when I try to start it theres nothing...won't turn over, no clicking, nothing. Its very cold today, I dont know if that has anything to do with it. I had a friend give me a jump just to make sure it wasnt the battery.

I bought this car about a month ago it worked just fine tell a week ago when it started to snow and wouldnt start. I thought it was a frozen fuel line so I addeed some heet to the gas but didnt work so I changed the fuel punp and filter and still the same will crank but not start every now and then itll start but not stay on long. so I changed the crank position sensor and the throdle body sensor and still the same what is the problem?

Two mths ago my radiator split on the fan side of it. So naturally it was replace also replace fan (just in case) that was the problem n did thermostat water pump n belt an temp sensor an first time driven it ,within 10min it ran hot an then I didn't know I had to open bleeder screw ,, so drain out all antifreeze an open bleeder screw with engine running an now I can drive 30min an its slowly getting hot (wth) did I miss

seems to happen when slowing down or stopping..low idle speed..then it will start again or come back on..checked battery and alternator they are good. no check engine lights..happens once in a while..cables are just shuts completely down for no reason

then last night the headlights worked then they didn't now today they are working so far! what could be the problem??

I have replaced coil pack spark plug wire and plugs cam sensor and still not running right. Codes say vacuum leak. Also on sensor #1 low voltage. I am stumped can't see the vacuum leak. Any ideas?

I have a Chrysler that has power on the ground side of the auto shutdown relay. I have unplugged all senders and there is still power to the ground side of the relay. I have power on the power side lug30. I should not have power on 86 when the key is turned on I should get power at 87 which is the lug on the opposite side as 30 the main power wire. this is not happening. If I plug in the 02 sender I get a ground at 87, the 02 ssr fuse and the inj/coil fuse.

With the 02 ssr fuse plugged in it grounds out the inj/coil and the auto shut down relay. I can unplug all 4 02 senders and the ground problem goes away but the car still wont start. What could be the problem? The engine that is in it now is out of an 03.

I have a 1999 Chrysler Concorde that will crank but won't fire. I checked the o2 ssr fuse and it is grounding out. The inj/coil fuse is grounding out with the 02 ssr fuse installed but not when it is removed. The auto shutdown relay is also grounding out.

I have the 02 concord with the overheating prob

lem a few mths ago my radiator spring aleak so it needed replacing with that it made sense to do thermostat hoses an temp sensor an water pump an timing belt OK.. When I replace antifreeze didn't know had to open bleeder valve .so I drove it 15min an it over heated so I drain out the antifreeze an replace with bleeder open an its still running hot just not as quick as 15min so do I need to replace thrmstat an temp sensor again or what else did I miss ... Help asap

I put temp an thermostat in at same time but when added antifreeze then didn't know had to open bleeder valve then so I drain all old antifreeze out an added new with bleeder valve open

I'm planning to buy the door from picknPull, it seems like you have to remove the door from the hinges, but I don't know what tools I might need for it and how to deal with the wires. Any advice? thanks in advance.

Had to change my shift cable an now my trans dipstick wnt go all the way in trans pan what did i miss

After runnin for 15 min how can i get all the air out of my engine ummmm help.....

1) When I am driving the "Low Oil Pressure Light" comes on first, then the "Cruise Light" comes on and my car shuts off. I then restart my car and it will not turn off on me for the rest of the day.

2) When I am waiting at a Red Light the "Low Oil Pressure Light" comes on first, then the "Cruise Light" comes on and my car shuts off. I then restart my car and it will not turn off on me for the rest of the day.

3) When I am waiting in a drive-thru line (ex: Bank, McDonald's) and I put my car in park but my car is still on the "Low Oil Pressure Light" comes on first, then the "Cruise Light" comes on and my car shuts off. I then restart my car and it will not turn off on me for the rest of the day.

I took my car to my mechanic and he and his team did not see receive any "Codes", to let them know what the problem was. What they did was replace a new "CAM SENSOR" and new "CRANK SENSOR" and they drove it around (Forward, Reverse, Left/Right Turns, Etc.) and it worked for a couple of days but on the third day, it went back to the same problem.

My mechanic and his team then replaced the new "CAM SENSOR" and new "CRANK SENSOR" with my previous "CAM SENSOR" and "CRANK SENSOR" and they drove it around (Forward, Reverse, Left/Right Turns, Etc.) and it worked for a couple of days but on the third day, it went back to the same problem.

My mechanic and his team were confused and could not figure out the problem and they did not even charge me because they could not find the "Solution" to this problem. They shared with me that I should take it to a Chrysler Dealer, since my car is a Chrysler Concorde, and they will have the accurate diagnostic tools to find the problem.

With everything that I stated above, it would be greatly appreciated if you can share with me the accurate "Solution" to my problem and/or if you can give me any great advice of what I should do next? Your feedback pertaining to my problem will be much greatly appreciated.

FYI: I would also like to share with you that I have been out of work for over 2 years and sometimes I would not drive my car for a very long duration and leave it parked in front of my home. Some of my neighbors shared with me that I should drive it around sometimes and not leave it parked for a very long duration. I am sharing this with you because I would like to know, if my problem with my car occurred because I have parked for a very long duration.

I replaced the rear brakeline from "junction box" where all 5 lines attached and ran it back 40 inches and used a steel compression union to existing brakeline.

any problems that keep coming up with these cars that I should know about. 2002 (Chrysler) Concorde LX V6 Automatic Trans. (75K)

this morning car was idling high - took a few minutes to idle down - engine was rocking and the engine light came on.....
any ideas what the problem may be?

Fuse isn't blown need to know if the switch, motor or relay
could be the problem.

When I try to open the sunroof there is no movement or sound. Need to know if I need a motor, switch or a relay

When I turn on my A/C it blows only hot air. I dont feel or here nothing from A/C.

So on the 20th of Wednesday, I went and got an oil change for my car, I was dropping my son off at daycare and saw that the light had come on. My thoughts hey lets get an oil change, So that's what I did. Now whenever I step on my break even just a little my check oil light comes on..... Need help ASAP. What could the issue be. My Fiancee seems to think that my pulley may be apart of it. Not 100% percent whats up with my pulley but the belt makes a whinny noise when I drive.... Please somebody who knows there shit help me out. Just bought this car a week or so ago and cant afford for my car to break down already.

radio shop says the amplifier is bad and can only be replaced by an original 2004 amplifier or remove and recondition existing amplifier. Can I just by an $80 amp on the internet and swap the old one out?

had a crack in my radiator that I patched with epoxy which fixed it.... until my carwas towed down a hill... which I thought may have cracked my radiator again... but when speaking to towing company after he put water in my radiator which still ran hot he then insisted that it was my water pump.... reserve tank is completely dry after filling it up and driving a short distance don't know if he is trying to get out of fixing something they broke it is it really my water pump

We had to replace the transmission we disconnected the positive side of the battery been disconnected and dismounted the starter we replace the transmission connected all the connections back major all the connections were in the right places put the battery back and tried to start the car the car turns over the motor turns over but will not start

already reset the pcm changed the cam and crank sensors multiple times need help