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The interior lights won't turn off after the doors are closed. It does not seem to be in the headlight or interior dimmer switch. I believe it is in the sensor that tells whether the door is open or closed. How do I determine which one?
It has a sway bar bushing that is loose but it is stripped out and cannot get out or tighten. HELP ME PLEASE.... THANKS
After allowing the car to sit for some time the brakes will release and can be driven again but the same symptoms will repeat. Calipers, rotors, pads, flex lines and brake lines have been replaced. System has new brake fluid and has been properly bled.
The car will not start because the alarm was triggered. It is being sold at a very low price ($950)because of this issue. It only has 70,000 miles one owner and very clean. Is it worth the gamble to purchase?
engine over it almost starts but dosnt
Doors won't unlock
it's going thru tires like no body's buisness don't understand why the rear tires are being worn
This does not happen a lot.
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