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where is the location of the oil sending unit on my 2001 chrysler concorde
just replaced thermostat, and filled reservoir, replaced hi-lo relay, and started car. when at operating temp, fans kick on. decided to take around block and right away started to overheat again. Will bleeding stop this from o h? or will I need to test water pump too?
afer having cam & crank sensors replaced i picked up my car & drove it a few miles then the oil light came on & there is a engine knock after checking dipstick the car has oil & theres no signs of oil leaking
i replaced the brake pads on my car and my brake pedal is down to the floor
Rich mixture bank 1 , code PO 172 is present .Bank 1 has black dry plugs (1 MONTH OLD) . Bank 2 runs good with good clean plugs . Wouldn't mass air flow sensor ,fuel pressure ,or map sensor affect both sides ? there's a slight miss at cold idle when in drive. It sometimes goes completely away as you warm it up n drive it at hwy speed. It runs great at 70 mph. There are also times it bucks and kicks hard on acceleration . When its running good it even idles great. It has dual cats one directly off of each exhaust manifold. What does that leave other than bank 1 oxygen sensors or bank one exhaust ?
My car will run when it is cold but will not stay running after it warms up it takes 4hours for it to start again
we checked the fuel pump n filter both fine checked the spark plugs they were fried replaced them replaced wired the guys at the auto store said 3 options either the crak shaft,cole pack or the cam shaft whitch one would most likely be the problem also got a new battery...Please ca someone help?
my car cut off while i was driving so i drifted off to tge side lane. then it wuldnt start back up. whats wrong with my car?
hit the ditch in deep snow, car turned over once to try to reverse went kapoot, wants to turn over now but just doesn't seem to want to start
When passing or attempting to accelerate quickly the entire car "bucks", it's not a stutter or hesitation but rather it feels like the car is going to stop dead in its tracks. It only lasts a split second then resumes normal operation. I have recently had cam and crank sensors replaced with OE parts, water pump, timing belt and coil packs have also been replaced. The only other issue is that the car will stall frequently on start up or when in heavy traffic.
steeerinng mount
Looking at past year DEQ reports they seem to change every two year? I read two sensors are in front on Cadillac converter and two more on the other side, four all together.
Oh, my check engine light works but does not stay on when started, or running. I don't know what else I don't have the money for mechanic, my wife that is unemployed teacher due to budget cuts, two teenagers, not lot to go on any help would be great full
It started yesterday evening. I smelled gas. Today it got worst. I never had any major issues with the car. But this is serious. Please advise further. Thank you.
We checked the hoses, changed the thermostat, water pump, radiator, timing belt and it is still overheating. What else can be the problem. Thanks
I've had the system charged twice and each time it only lasted a couple of hours
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