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instructions on replacing timing belt and water pump on 2002 chrysler concord lx 2.7 liter

How do I release the tension to get the belt off? Do I need to remove the fan shroud or anything to make access easier?

At what mileage does the timing chain needs replacement in Concorde 1995?

my car will not blow works great,all the control buttons work ,it has coolant,so i am guessing heater core..if so where is it located and what is the best way to get to it?

I changed the timing chain and water pump and took it around 2 resolutions to put it back in timing, but it still will not start. i have compression but not spark. i was originally replacing the water pump

door indicator light on panel chimes constant locks also open and close


Car stals when hot. runs fine when cool. Code for tps keeps coming up

I can be driving along for almost an hour then when the vehicle gets hot, it begins to jerk slightly and it turns off and after it totally stops, it will be an hour before it starts again then goes like nothing happened for another 45 to an hour...recently it has started jerking sooner...what is happening. When I turn the key, sounds like it isn't getting enough fuel to start... please advise...

my obd light comes on then m car wont start and i have to play withy the alarm system in order to get the car to start

radio doesn't work since i put a new battery in. how do i get it back on?

My car randomly stalls out and can take seconds to start back up at times. It also is burning through gas quickly, I have lost hundred miles from my normal mpg. I have been told plugs, bad fuel, transmission I just want to have an idea so I know wether I can fix it and if no I dont over pay for it to be fixed

i bought my car 7 months ago and 3 weeks ago i went to the store and come out and it would not crank i replaced my ignition switch like the mechanic said cuz it went out but my car still won't start. so i was told to replace the neutral safety switch but where is it located and how do i change it out?

how do i change the ac belt ?

How much should I pay to have my a/c compressor replaced?

IM getting DTC codes P0700 trans contol sys malfunction and P1776 manufacturer contol transmission. The car is a 2003 chysl. Concorde. I was driving along the freeway when the check engine light came on. nothing else happened. Then about 10 minutes later the car started to act like it was in a loser geear and wouldnt upshift. I pulled into a gas station and turned it off and checked trans fluid. ll was good, drove home with no more problems. Next day went to drive to store. Same problem came back. I can read the codes but dont where to find the info on what it is to fix the problem.

one mechanic said it's the tie rods another said rack and pinion assy and the other the front struts? What do you think?

The a/c compressor operates normally but the blower will not come on at any speed for about the first 3-5 minutes, then it operates normally at the desired speed. I have the ATC feature. Would a faulty resistor cause this?

dont no how to get fuel injecters out of case to put new o rings

never had this problem before unill now checked the fuses starter and alternator good,checked the battery bad, put a new one in and still nothing checked the battery cables and cleaned them still nothing what else could it be?

I have over 170,000 miles on my 99 3.2 Concord. My timing chain snapped on on the highway. I changed the timing chain and water pump and took it around 2 resolutions to put it back in timing, but it still will not start.

car shakes at idol when a stop lights ,but otherwise runs fine

ok So i have recently ripped apart this horrible car to work on(specially if your doin it at home). i have taked the Alternator to Advanced they tested it said it was fine. took my battery back to walmart got a brand new one. and car still doesnt start lights work and evrerything else. all it does is make a clicking noise??? and suggestion??

where do i put the spark plugs in my 1998 concorde LXi 3 2 V6

How do I change fuel pump on a 2000 concorde

I was wondering what type of oil should I use in my car. I just purchased a 2nd hand concord and would like to get an oil change done in it very soon.

How many fuel injectors in 2000 Chrysler Concorde 2.7LV6?

i have a problem starting my car car. i had put in a new battery in in and my car started but it just shut off while i was put the tire back on and etc.. then the car just keeps making this loud clicking sounds and wont start . PLEASE HELP.

wobling noise in the back of the car

cant figure this one out. opened radiator(resivor) as there is no radiator cap on radiator to check fluid. put cap back on now overheats. cracked bleeder screw loose even took out and only thing comes out is steam no fluid. everything worked fine before i checked fluid though. cant believe it is the thermostat just happened to go bad at the same time. ANY IDEAS????