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It does it randomly and I don't know what's going on, i jumped it let it run shut it off for a good ten min it started fine then died again, it's losing power and when it's running all battery levels are good, I don't know anything about these things! I need a much help as I can get! Please and thank you in advance!
Every so often, I am getting a P2797 check-engine error code, which indicates something with the Auxiliary Transmission Fluid Pump.

Any idea on where/how to check the fluid level?

Sometimes when the Hybrid is wanting to kick into completely electric mode, the car feels like it "stalls" (vehicle slows way down as I'm pressing on the gas) and then the gas engine kicks in and it moves forward just guessing that the hybrid/electrical transmission didn't quite "get in gear" (so guessing code = check fluid for that tranny)...

Anyone have counsel??
I have noticed that when I am stopped, have the Hybrid in gear and my foot on the brake, that I get what I would describe as a "boiling" sound from the passenger side of the engine that where the Master Brake Cylinder is at? Would it make that sound when it is beginning to fail?

Or would this be something more related to the Regenerative Breaking system that the Hybrid has?
Both of my reverse-lights have failed, and my back-up camera no longer shows an image (screen displays "preparing your view" and then is blank). In addition, my boat trailer is not getting the signal that my hybrid is in reverse, so I'm not able to override my surge brakes to back my trailer up.

My quick (non-mechanical expertise) look at the many fuses didn't see any that need replacing...I don't even know if this Hybrid has a fuse for these, would assume so.

I'm taking car into the shop tomorrow (July 2016) for diagnosis.
When driving down the road, the a/c will suddenly switch to HOT air. I can not get the auto temperature function to work either. I press the button, but it won't switch over.
The brakes make a lot of noice, every where i stop and they are way to sensitive. One tap and the car screeches to a halt.
Went out to my truck this morning and the battery was dead because it had been sitting for a few days at 5 degrees. Jump started it and ran fine. Now when the truck is turned off and keys removed the fan starts and stops until the battery is drained again. It almost sounds like its trying to charge the battery? WTF?
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