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Our coolant temperature shows 210 and it is 95 degrees outside

Car stalls while driving.

blew off top radiator hose. replaced it. this time car over heated steam was coming out of overflow tank. replaced radiator cap, still car over heats

The fluids out its relatively read somebody said possible solenoid pack should I drop the pan and even mess with it I mean I've got the stuff the old owner gave it to me I don't know let me know what you think

runs great when its started but wont start without either

Van was there for over a week. Got van back and at the end of one month transmission started falling out of gear. Took back to shop where they had over a week. Got call, picked up van and as soon as I drove off their lot it had a shifting problem. I immediately drove back and was told to drive for 100 miles then report back to them. At 105 miles van shifted violently on highway, ck engine lite came on and was limped back to their shop. Each time refusing to give me documentation showing mileage before & after and work. Van was there 2 whole weeks. Picked van up, again refusing to give me any documentation of problem and fixes. Drove van for 5 miles and again is shifting hard from 1st to 2nd. Paid them $4500.00 on 1st visit. Since my transmission still isnt correct after 3 shop visits and their reluctance to provide work documentation tells me I am getting screwed over. Am I asking for to much or am I getting their shaft? Bev

I changed my spark plugs and a day later I started to have the problem what can I do to fix it

when opening and closing door the window normally opens and closes a little bit to avoid hitting roof. passenger side window won't automatically go up and down.

Both back lights is not working, have changed the light bulb still not working, but all other lights is working,brought the car to pep boys and they told me to bring it to the dealer that it's electric problem.

Brought the car to Pep Boys said it's electrical work told me to take it to the dealership about how much will it cost to get it repair

Now started leaking again no fluid in it started making noise and I seen smoke coming out

Brake pedal hits the floor...random (48 hrs, usually 6+ weeks) Every time there air in only the front driver side brake. Mechanics are stumped. They will replace Master Cylinder, not that they feel it's bad but because they don't know what else to do.
Since it's always been only the front driver side full of air, can I bleed just that one?

I've checked oil, transmission, coolant and steering fluids look normal.

I feel that there must be an ambient light sensor as the EVIC and temperature control cannot be seen during normal daylight.

I'm not new to cars and trucks but t mini van is the first any trucks or tips are appreciated the hardest part looks to be figuring out how to get the room and undo the line where it connects to the rack an opinion. Charcoal box is alrdy removed for more room as well

Replaced can position sensor crank sensor map sensor still won't start

My transmission is a 4 speed automatic/manual type. My problem is when I shift from the auto to manual mode it jumps back into automatic mode.

9ASCAP shows up instead of the odometer reading. There was a brief chime when this started, but no warning lights anywhere. I don't know what it means.

I need to adjust the clock on my vehicle. I don't have a manual

The analog clock...will stop....then a few hours later go crazy...round and round...then stop...I will set....then suddenly do again...does it engine started...or not...did the a couple of months ago...and mysteriously quit

Clunking or hard knocking sound it sounds like the driverside back underneath i checked to see if anything loose on while i deive forward it makes that sound

Alarm won't stop even when i put key in switch have to disconnect battery or wait a while for it to stop on it's own

When I start the car up I hear a clunking noise and when I press down on the gas coming from under the hood

I'm trying to put my ignition back together


When I am driving it usually turns off when I am waiting for traffic light to change

When starting the car there is a flap sound that makes a knock noise when accelerator is pressed right away and runs rough like the air flow sensor isn't working no power

Hood slammed shut and now I can't get
it to pop up.

I have a Sebring convertible 2006 and lately, the fuel light will come on, the guage will drop, then after a few seconds, the light will go off, and the guage will go back to normal. Is thet an electrical problem or a bad module?

My passenger rear vent window will not close. I was wondering how to remove this panel so I can test the switch. My water shield is coming out in little broken pieces through the bottom of the door and I know that's causing problems with the window so I will eventually have to remove the whole door panel but, for now I just want to get my vent closed before it rains.