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had it tested they said that the 3rd cylinder is misfiring what could be the cause ?

the check engine light doesn't come on at all. I'm told for this model it comes attached to a cluster which I found at dealership but can I install this myself? is it just that simple to remove dash and replace?

Doors won't unlock

it's going thru tires like no body's buisness don't understand why the rear tires are being worn

Try to start and it just spins

Recently when I start my Crossfire, a wrench pic with '25' appears initially in the odometer LED. After approximately 15 seconds it disappears and the usual odometer numbers appear. It has 29,780 miles only. It drives perfectly. What repair does it need?

no brake lights, brake bar lights or emergence flashers. I checked fuse box all good also checked brake peddle switch all good! don't have owners manual to see what fuse relay controls these lights. would like any help at all possible and thanks very much

The DVD player works fine. All the radio whether FM or AM are static.

The gas gage also goes down to 0. Happens on a 20 mile trip about 1 or 2 times now. Please help.

and locked up like its in park gear shift moves and engine runs but wont go into gear what could it be

The weather is now below 35 in NC. My hatch releases by itself but remains closed. In a warm garage, it stays shut. Of course the panel light tells me it's open and the interior lights come on. We sprayed WD40. Anything else we could try on our own?

my engine light came on and had check engine. I took to the shop and they fixed the coolant thermostat.As they were working on my car, they noticed a hairline crack in the motor.They did not fix it, they just told me they would monitor it from time to time.

Just had a rack and pinion done and both outer tyrods started making popping day I got it back

rpms act stuck and van jerks when speedometer goes crazy

only when speedometer acts up sometimes it stays on 0 and Tom's act stuck. got code 7022 I think

The car overheated, then the battery died. Now it won't start. I put cheap antifreeze in and afterword noticed on the label it read 'do not add water' which I did. One 1/2 gallon antifreeze to one 1/2 gallon water. I then added 1/4 gallon of antifreeze labeled 'must add water' and that was all I could put in since the battery was dead.
The temperature will be around 4 degrees tonight. Is the car in danger of cracking it's block in the sub zero temperatures and if not, how warm should I wait for it to get till I try to start the engine again?

I don't understand what could be the problem even the steering wheel adjustment that makes it go up and down doesn't work.

Two days I have had to jump it to start. All lights come on and all components work fine in on position. Just will not turn over. After jump oil change light comes on and it only been 1000 miles since changed. 21000 miles total on car.

fuel pump is in the gas tank, can I get to it without dropping the gas tank, like removing the seats?

Driving to work and car just died, had it towed home, installed new fuel filter and coil pack and spark plugs, it cranks over but won't start.