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before this went completely out the ac/heat would stay on I could control if I wanted heat or Ac big it would never cut off till now could it be the BCM if so is this expensive and does it need to be programmed by dealer

Who knows the place of Crankshaft sensor 99 Chrysler 300m ( where is it's location on the engine)?
Please help me to find the place of Crankshaft sensor 99 Chrysler 300m ( where is it's location on the engine)? Could plz give me any photo or video about it?
no numeric temp numbers will display...cannot turn fan off...the fan knob doesnt do anything
Everything that can get in the way is motor and mufflers
I bought the car used recently. It worked great for the test drive, and bringing it home. I turned it on a couple of times watermarking it,and it worked relatively okay. Once I needed to move it, it just clicked, and wouldn't start. If anyone could let me know what went wrong, and how to repair it, I would really appreciate. Thanks!
I have tried putting the inside lights on low but yet when the locks unlock and light flickers, it is very bright. This happens so much it is draining my battery.
I was told mayb sum kind of sensor?
I don't think it's battery because the lights go on
1999 300m Stalling issue.
Codes read:

Let me explain what is happening. This problem usually occurs while on a highway or interstate and then usually after driving for longer than 20 minutes. Recently, though, it has happened while only driving for 10 minutes or so at 40 mph. While driving, my car will suddenly lose power, and continue to lose power. Pressing the gas pedal does not do anything. The car will not speed back up from any input from the gas pedal. When slowing down to a stop, the car will finally stall out around ~5mph. For the majority of the incidents, the Check Engine light will blink, indicating limp mode, but for the last two times (one of which occurred on the lower speed roads) the CE light did not blink.
Gas pressure has been tested and holds steady at factory spec ~48psi
From the right front wheel
There is a warranty on the transmission. But my shift lever is screwed up. When I picked up the car. I drove home shut off the car than tried to start it 10 min. later. There was no power. As if there were battery trouble. There was not. I put the car in neutral and it fired. If the train. was not lined up right wouldn't this screw up the shift/Neutral switch?
went with a used one with 39,000 on it. The same day I picked up the car a new issue came up. The car would not even try to start unless I put it in neutral. Than it started right up.
My issue is this. Having to put the car in neutral points to the neutral switch. If they did not line up the tranni. correctly would this screw up the way the shift works?
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