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got off.advance auto said I needed an alternator; bought one.still had to get a jump. bought new was doing good.didnt drive it for 3 days.went to start it today; completely dead

it just came on while I was driving but when I turned the car off for about 15 min while in the store it did not start

Car starts sometimes and then doesn't a few minutes after I start it up seconds after I shut it off.. repair man said it was fuel pump paid 350.. next day it did he same thing..

my alarm keeps chirping like all th time, Ive changed th batteries in the remote...

everything and When I restarted it the oil light was on. I turned the heat back on and it immediately shut off again. So I turned everything off again and restarted the car. It ran perfect. I went to where I had to and when I got in the car later it started and ran smoothly but when I turned on the heater fan it turned off again. So I turned the blower off and the car restarted fine and worked beautifully. The lights (all) work fine. The real defroster, radio and seat heater worked fine. But not blower. Help please

For some reason my abs and e brake light came on and all of sudden my windows does not work, my heat does not work, my reverse light does not turn on and my turning signals does not work also but my hazard light do work any suggestion why this going on???

jiggling the pedal doesn't turn them off anymore. Also, periodically the headlights and tail lights will blink on and off when car is parked in driveway with engine off.

jump it but wont turn over

Their is a slow/small leak coming from under the alternator on the driver side of the car. It looks like their is a small piece of metal tubing coming out bent towards the wheel well and then goes towards the rear of the car. I checked the oil a week ago and it was tip top full, now it is half full. Any ideas? I can't see to well as I have not taken the alternator off. I'm thinking it may be a seal of some sort.

Put my car on the machine it said something about the transmission and the gears being open. Noe none of my windows roll up my ac when cut on makes me likgts flicker. My car want say cranked gears no longer switch I dont know how to use the auto stick and now when I put it on the machine yesterday it will noy read thr boxes around the prnd will not go away and it feels like my tire be tring to fall off the car will be all over the rd when I drive I was also told I have a short in it

I have a 2000 Chrysler 300 M, I had a whining sound first off when I cranked up in the morning so I took to the shop and they said it was my racket pinon steering that needed replaced also my sway links needed replaced I did that and they called me to tell me car was ready, but my transmission was not coming out of second gear? I have never had a problem with my transmission at all! I drive 60 miles to work everyday. Get in my car and the auto stick light is on which it never has been and the transmission light is on which has never been on before, there has never been a problem with my transmission at all, any answers as to why in one day my transmission has problems now?

the mechanic I took my car to claimed that something was hit, but the problem is I did not hit anything that would've caused this to happen.. earlier I had to jump my car because I accidentally left a light on and after I jumped it , it ran smoothly, and it wasn't until HOURS later when it first stalled on me and started overheating.

My dealer says I have to buy a wiring harness yet in the car it is separate from the rest of the wiring although contained in common tubing. Used is not a good option!

Replaced my battery cables my battery and my starter but my engine light came on but no codes when I do the key dance....please help me