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if I take car out and return home it's ok when I'm ready to go out again the car is completely dead I stopped for gas and turned car off when going to restart car completely dead jumped started car with no problem got home turned car off went to restart car completely dead this occurs on and off been to dealer they replaced starter still same problem it has been to dealer for several electrical problems they have replaced computer fixed wiring for alarm and lights going on when car is off can it possibly be a ignition problem
my check engine light is on. When I start my car the engine revs very loud and the speedometer goes to 60-70 mph without touching the gas pedal at all. If I take it out of park and put it in drive or reverse it makes a loud clunk noise but the speedometer goes back down and the engine quits revving. However if I put it back in park it starts doing it again. If I reset my battery the car starts up fine, but only 2-3 times before I have to reset the battery again for it to start properly. I have no clue what the problem is ....
Help please !!
A/C clutch was not engaging so my husband checked the fuses for a possible solution. After that, the ck engine light came on, and trans wasn't shifting right (a/c still not working). I checked for codes and found 0645 & 1698. Tonight he added 24oz coolant, so a/c seems ok - but could fail again tomorrow, especially if there is a leak in a line. But trans still a problem. Also neither error code has gone away.
I started smelling gas when I would take off from a light. I looked for leaks but found nothing. I just pulled up to a light and heard something pop then black smoke start pouring out from around the master cylinder area. Haven't been able to find out anything on what could have been the cause. If anybody knows anything about it or has the same problem please let me know!!!
I have the easy seat turned off. The seat reclines back and the passenger side mirror moves to face the ground.
My cam gears line up with marks at the exhaust stroke. at end of intake stroke.marks face down. When I removed plugs all onpassengr side were clean and all on drivers side were black
AC gets cold but fan noise remains.
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