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How can I use alligator clip testing leads to see if the motors on the fan work
What part do I need, how much does it cost? And how do I fix it?
The clanking noise mainly when i turned,as if i was running over bumps,an now the tires are pointing in opposite directions. An the steering is straight
Oil light also flickers when let go if gas and come to a stop .. constant ticking noise in the front end. Also when accelerating its almost like there's hesatation.. please help
I've followed the cable from the throttle body to the inside. How do i tighten the cable.
I bought a new mopar oil pan for my car, and got everything in, but realized that it didn't come with the aux oil return line stem. I took the old one off of the used pan and it only fits into the oil pan - it doesn't match up with the coupling that is supposed to go into it. Where do I get one that has the same size threads for the pip fitted end and the oil pan?
The person saying that the only problem is the water pump. I doubt that .. Sell the car for 1200... Its way more to it
I've heard the more platinum the better ^-^
The lights on the bottom are blinking.
I've had to refill my coolant previously before after noticing overheating n it helped. Now weeks later i get white smoke from exhaust pipe & check engine light .
I noticed yesterday my heater was blowing cool air instead of warm and noticed that when I would stop my temperature started getting up towards the half way mark and usually it barely goes above the C mark. I have also checked and the codes that came up were P0850 and P0700. Not sure which way to go about finding out what to do without having to take it to a shop because I don't really trust taking it to a shop without knowing what's going on with it
I then use starting fluid and it usually starts right up but it sounds like a diesel when it first starts. It then will start normal for about a month and it then does it again. No check engine light comes on or anything and I always use middle grade gas and it is usually always chevron or shell.
The dealer can't identify this part. It connects the accelerator cable to the throttle body. It's a 3" long plastic piece with metal clips on each end. It snaps on. I'm sure this part has broken on some other cars! Anybody know where to get one?
sizes of belts
car was driving fine then stopped at a light and when I tried to take of it wouldn't go anywhere so i towed it home and jacked it up and messed with the wheels a lil bit trying to see if I could see any broken parts didn't see anything wrong and everything seemed to be working fine so then I let the car down and it drove down to the end of the street and back fine until I tried to pull back into the drive way when it just stopped working again jacked the car up again and again everything seemed fine and seemed to be working properly until I tried to pull back into the driveway again I was told that the cv shaft was prolly broke in the tri-pod cup so I removed the boots and everything looks fine so can someone plz help me out
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