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when car is running all lights go off than come back up even when driving the motor still runs. sometimes i can drive with any problems this is an aztek 2003

How long do the alternators last?

I have to add antifreeze and oil to my car before driving short distances for it not to overheat. There is a residue on the front windshield.

I am removing my transmission and must remove the exhaust pipes first.But can,t see how they come off.There is what appears to be a large knukle right beyond the exhaust headers on both sides but I can,t see how they come apart.

where is the idle control value located...

What are the symptoms of a bad oil pump

Where is the oil pump located?

The 3.5 liter V6 rattles and makes a lot of noise when it is started and idling when it is cold. Once it warms up, the rattling isn't quite as frequent. Why does this happen?

How much does a transmission control module cost

I need to know what the factory warranty on this car was !

what are the symptom if the timing is off?

battery dies if car is not run every day. replaced battery twice, checked all lights (trunk, glove depart. etc)had in shop three times (found nothing)! also head lights flash randomly while switch and engine off. PLEASE HELP!!!!! wife is crying for new car

When I press the buttom on my heated seats nothing happens. The heated seat light don't come on and the seats don't get warm.

This problem only occurs when slowing or applying the brake to slow. It always resets and operates normally when you turn off engine and restart the vehicle. When you turn the engine off and restart the vehicle it can sometimes drive normal for miles and miles and then at other times fail at the next stop light. I replaced both the input and output speed sensors and it didn't change the problem.

My chrysler ran so hot the engine shut down and now the oil looks milky what do you thint the problem is heads or head gaskets blown?

I have a 99' 300M. The ABS and Trac off light doesn't illuminate when you start the car, however the traction control will work for about ten feet then shuts down. Seems like a hefty voltage draw as well when the systems shuts down. I can't override the system it shuts down every time I put the car into reverse or drive and move it approximately 10 feet. I had this vehicle inspected at dealership and said to start with the battery. I replaced the battery, cable ends and still the problem persists. If you have any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated since I live in Wisconsin! Thank You.

it shifts fine all through the gears but dosent want to leev fourth onec it is ther then when i decrees speed it pulls back and dosen want to shift out of first ????? im veary confusd the shop told me no codes came up for anything so wht do i do

have a Chrysler 1999 300M and my Hear just stopped working out of the blue. I tried to turn my car on and off and it still would not work, the fan doesnt even blow. My A/C has never blown cold air always the temp outside but my Heats always worked also my lights for the heating/air doesn't work either Im taking the car to the shop on Monday but I was wondering if anyone may be able to help with what this might be and how much it'll cost at a repair shop because im not good with cars so i'll have to have someone else fix it. Thanks..

on our 2000 300 M ,,,How do I run a diagnosis check on my heat /ac system. I have not much heat in the cab. Engine temp is fine. Heater doesnt blow nearly as hot as it could.

Cold air coming out of the defrost vents not the dash

changed waterpump, thermostat, radiator(old Radiator cranked) on tank, and res tank. took out plugs crank get mist stream smells more like gas then antifreeze
let car idle for 2 hour stays at mid cold hot no overheat
drive 2 miles temp shoot up to hot

changed radiator, water pump, thermostat, and reserve tank still overheating

symptoms of malfunctioning choke....Is it replaceable?

Can the driver's side remote mirror memory be readjusted and/or reprogrammed?

after the engine is warm,when you turn the car off and try to restart, it will not turn over as if its not getting enough fuel. after a few cranks within a 15 minutes period the vehicle starts up rough, catches, then runs ok. what could be causing this? My gut feel its in the fuel system or a sensor. but no engine check light. ???

The dealership replaced both inner and outer tie rods and now my turn signal does not work. I replaced the fuse and it still does not work. Could they have messed up something with the turn signal when fixing the tie rods?

What causes the remote mirror on the driver's side to not stay at the position programmed....



i had a tun up on the 30,000 miles and now i have 56,000 miles do I need a tune up?