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It is not running but it beeps every so often. I had the battery replaced a bit ago, does it have something to do with that?
I have tried changing the spark plugs coil oxygen sensor i removed the code and it came back on I don't kno what else to do Im trying to do all I can to avoid taking it to the shop could u help me plz
Was in a car accident. Was hit all my left side of car. Two days later my car shuts down. Btw.... Car was running just fine before accident. I take it in to shop and they replaced left side fuel pump. Can this damage been caused by accident?
Motor light went out. Filled up gaswent 4blocks car died, would not start and still won't cranks but no turnover car is a 300 limited 3.5L engine
I don't know how far down to put the screwdriver
I don't want to put screwdriver down too far to break key fob when changing battery
Just purchased 2016 chrysler 300 and I figure out how to turn the radio off.
Noise sounds like something is loose and rattles. It only makes noise when moving.
When I stop it will continue as it should
Seems all kinds of people have this same problem. Please help. It has to be a easy fix.
Check engine light came on mile road Haven't repaired it yet. I have noticed some hesitation and light bucking at very low speeds.
I've own my vehicle for about 2years now and im noticing a ticking noise comming from my engine on the left side, like the rocker arm area, after reading up on it there are so many people complaining about the same problem.
My steering wheel and brake pad gets really stiff and when I change gears the car basically does what's the problem?
also I used to hear the door close when I would switch to AC no long hear it.
goes off when i go over 120 km the light comes on again and remains on when i slow down i have to pull over turn the car off and re start it the light goes off again can you tell me the pwoblem thanks
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