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pup out gear when drivering

When im stopped at a light my car shuts off n sometimes i have to put it in neutral and restart it

Grinding When I'm on the highway if I turn into a curve it makes a grinding noise. It's the front driver side

the car wont start when it is been off for a while, but after about 15 to twenty minutes of trying to start it will finally start. and will keep restarting as long as it is not to long between starts, we changed the distributor and the crank shaft sencor, still same problem

When in high speeds and trying to brake my van shakes. Has new rotors,alighnment done,tire rods are good. Why does it shake?

Fuse box where is it

The AC was blowing ice cold with the fan on 4. When I lowered the speed to 3, hot heat started blowing out of the vents. I put is back on 4 and the AC worked again. This eve, heat was coming out of the driver vent and AC out of the passenger vent. I lowered the fan to 2 and it started blowing cold air. I noticed the snowflake on the AC button was periodically flashing red in various places on the snowflake. Any idea what this means?

I had a water pump put in, its not running hot but seems like every time I turn on th air condition its smoking from up under the hood around where the antifreeze goes

What do I need yo remove or losen to get the AC belt on???

Clanking noise like a bolt is rattling around up front of engine if your outside looking in engine up front where that aluminum cover is and when ignition is turned off I can hear a winding down of that area

when i turn a/c on sometimes i hear the motor

Turn the key sometimes it starts sometimes it won't

The car runs fine with the a/c off, so far... Took to the dealership and they replaced fan system. This did not fix the issue. It doesn't matter what speed I'm driving. When I let the car sit for a few hours and drive with a/c off it drives fine again.

have a overheating problem with the cooling system. Engines light on. Want to pull codes to see what the problem might be

The thermostat was bad when I bought this car, and the engine light is on because of it, and I've had the car for 6 months and they keep on telling me at the dealership that they can't get a thermostat because it is a national back order, and I find this hard to believe.


car died at 55 mph after engine light chimed one time
car would rank not start,

What type of oil is used in this car?

What type oil to use in car

thermostate, check, fluid change and radiator checked. Engine continues to stay hot.

The car waa fine then all of sudden theres oil sitting on the top of my engine and maybe 2 weeks after that i notice the car vibrates a little and drives roughly but i dont know the problem

Car jerking and Engine stalled

I put transmission fluid in after a trip to SC and back. It started buzzing and shifting slow. I put transmission fluid and it shifts better but it the buzzing
under my feet that bothers me too. What is that?

Tried to reset using key in the doors. The alarm goes off, I use key to deactivate. Car won't start.

After trying to start car it middle display went white, windshield wipers came on, car seemed to be in the run postion, but would crank and couldn't get it to turn off.

recently the local dealer charged my elderly parents 110.00 for a power steering flush--it is only 5 years old and hardly used--I say they were scammed--my brother in law says not--what is your take on it?

2001 PT Cruiser Alarm light flashing off and on after turning key and says done on odometer.

2001 PT Cruiser won't start and need to know how to repair the neutral safety switch.

My car starts to sputter around 35 miles an hour I read the code and it said it was the catalytic converter how do I tell if it's the upflow or the downflow

Then when I turned on the air conditioning the check engine came on and it didn't want to shift right