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I fix the code P1004 by replacing the short runner valve but then the new code p2017 came on why is that?
I already experienced this problem while driving my Chrysler 300 2012 and fixed it myself
I wrecked my car and the right side is messed up the right bumper and the fender is messed up and it's not rubbing the wheel unless I turn deep but when I'm going down the road it's hard to hold it in control and it kind of jerks a little bit sometimes
battery dead, only have fob, no key and need to get inside to open hood or pop hood from outside to get to battery.
When going down the road I heard a loud pop then my Malfunction Indicator Light came on and my van started driving rough. It was loud and shaky. Sometimes it will drive smooth for several miles then as soon as i slow down it will start acting up again. There is a strong gas smell inside the vehicle only when stopped at a stop light or when idling.
I have a Chrysler sebring, I do not have dual temp adjusters only one. some times it makes a high pitched squealing but doesn't stay.
Sensor reading high or shorted open circuit Unplug cylinders 13 and five coil no change in engine
Im not sure How this feature works.Should The light be on or off when its icey roads to activate it.what does this featurd do
My 60000 mile Chrysler cirrus had the oil pressure light come on and the car shut down. No weird noises nothing. It turns over but doesnt even sound like its trying to start. Good oil and perfect level. Very confused
It’s a loud rumble or howl. Many repairmen said it was the wheel bearing. Replaced it and still have the noice
Just started
My van is leaking oil, mechanic said it’s oil filter needs to be replaced.
Is the heating controlled separately for each side? Is there a fuse that may be bad. I don't understand why one side of the car blows warm and the other cold.
radio clock is on all the time, unless I remove fuse. This causes battery to run down after two days of non-use. Fuse controls radio, clock, interior lights & alarm circuits & door locks. anoying
when i open the door on my Sebring convertible the window goes down but goes right back it jams against the body when closing the door so what do I need to replace
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